Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Sometimes the best way to grab the attention of a prospect or valued client is to be topical. Nothing impresses prospective clients like a vendor who has their finger on the pulse. The imminent cell phone ban in California is making the news of late. The bill was signed into law by the Govenator last year and doesn’t go into effect until July of 2008, but companies are gearing up now. It’s the talk of the town in Los Angeles—probably because it’s a rarity to see a car on the road that doesn’t contain at least one person engaged in an “important” conversation. I sat at a light for ten minutes yesterday because some yahoo in a Lexus was so busy yapping on his cell phone that he didn’t know the light had changed—three times. I am just as guilty of drive talk as the next person, a side effect of living in a city where one spends half of one’s day in the car. Of course, I always go hands-free and keep my hands firmly planted at ten and two; but there are plenty of folks out there who still use a handset, which is not only dangerous, but hopelessly out of fashion.

Since the impending handset ban is all over the news, and on everyone’s mind, get a jump on the competition and create a gift that is memorable and “of the moment.” A Hands-Free Phone Headset is the perfect gift, at the perfect time. This one features a retractable cord with an earphone and microphone that extends to two feet. Be sure to add your company’s logo so the lucky recipients of your generosity will remember who saved them twenty bucks on a cell phone ticket.

Well, I’m off to pick up my son from summer camp. Apparently, he caught a bad case of poison oak and they are afraid he’ll infect the rest of the campers. So much for date night.
Until next time, remember, “Timing is important but a great gift is everything.”