Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

My family and I returned from a recent vacation to discover that some rowdy opossums or oversized squirrels (it still isn’t entirely clear) had disconnected our satellite dish. We were horrified to discover that not only were our favorite programs not recorded for a whole week, but we were without live TV altogether. Once I got over the initial shock of finding that I had missed an entire week of “Oprah” and a “Law & Order SVU” marathon, I placed a call to customer service with what I hoped was an air of urgency in my voice. I was told that it would take two weeks before technicians could come out to repair my dish. I sat in stunned silence for a full minute and was close to tears when the customer service representative took pity on me and told me that she could classify my case as an emergency. She then promptly scheduled an appointment for the following afternoon. Finally, there was someone out there who understood the gravity of the situation! If I weren’t already married to the finest woman in the world, I would have proposed right then and there. I settled for sending a thank you note and 15 Piece Gift Box of Chocolate Squaresкомпютри.

I was still a bit distressed at the thought of a TiVo-less evening, when my youngest suggested we have a game night…like in olden times. We spent the evening playing Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and even Twister. Actually, Mrs. Winston and I played Twister after the kids went to bed but I promised not to talk about that. Needless to say, it was a great night from start to finish. And I learned a valuable lesson about familial bonding. Of course, being the giver that I am, I wanted to share that lesson with my loyal readers. As vital as it is for families to play together, it is also important to create rapport with ones’ co-workers and clients. Bonding with colleagues and employees is often achieved by injecting a little fun into the proceedings, so the next time you are planning a team building activity for your sales force, give them a fun take away that is sure to make them smile. Rush offers a Six-In-One Game Set that your employees will love bringing home to their families. This fun-filled game set includes boards and game pieces for checkers, chess, dominoes, backgammon and cribbage, plus 4 dice and a deck of playing cards. Make sure you include your logo and a message to carry the reminder of a great time far into the future.

I’ve got to go set up Twister; Mrs. Winston lost and has insisted on a rematch. Remember, “It doesn’t matter how you play the game and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose…as long as they remember your name.”