Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

So, you don’t think your business is big enough to worry about marketing? Well, as my great granddad used to say, “Marketing, like a good cigar, is for everyone.” His example may not be relevant, but he was right about marketing. Whether your business is big or small, growing or around forever, it will benefit from a good marketing campaign—and a few well-placed promotional products.

For instance, my daughter works as a babysitter and is so popular, that she has to turn down business. Is it because she is great with kids? Does she know better bedtime stories than the other sitters? Or is it because she can stay up past 11:00pm? While all of those things are true, the real reason she is in demand is simple—refrigerator magnets. She created hundreds of them with the slogan, “Put Your Kids in My Care” and her phone began ringing off the hook. One of the neighborhood boys started a lawn care business three years ago but wasn’t successful until he started giving out branded key chains that promised a well trimmed lawn and a smile. The campaign worked and he now cuts every lawn in the neighborhood, including mine. I can’t resist a good promotional piece!

My point is simple, even a child knows that a clever promotion product with a simple message pays off. So, if you don’t have a marketing plan, create one. Start big, start small, but start now. In the meantime, remember, “A day without marketing is like a hot summer day without cold lemonade; you end up thirsty.”