Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Labor day is right around the corner, which means summer will soon be over, football season is imminent and P. Diddy is about to throw his annual “White Party.” I wasn’t invited last year—come to think of it, I wasn’t invited this year either—but I understand from the talk around town that it was quite the “not to be missed” event. Mary-Kate Olsen’s clone, Ashley, arrived at Diddy’s palace wearing a shaggy outfit that would have looked better on a Scooby-Doo ghost. TMZ cameras were there as Lil’ Kim got off her plane—ready to party in a hot, chesty white mini-dress. Mariah Carey topped Kim outside the event, as she sucked in her stomach and struck a pose. And of course, P. Diddy made his presence known while pimpin’ some nighttime shades in the daytime. Sounds fun…or at least extremely interesting.

You may not have an estate in East Hampton, but you can still end the season in high style with a White Party (or a plain ole barbeque) of your own. Even if your guests don’t require a runway to park their private jets, it’s still important to make them feel special. Nothing makes a guest feel invited like a real, honest to goodness invitation received via the U.S. Postal Service. Anyone can send an evite but nothing beats opening the mailbox to find an envelope requesting your presence at an event other than jury duty. I am also a fan of theme parties and if you decide that white is the theme, go all the way by serving white beverages and white food on, you guessed it, white plates. As Mrs. Winston will tell you, successful party is not complete without a lovely parting gift. This year, the focus is going green and Rush Imprint has plenty of green gifts that will support your theme…whatever it is. The Soverna Canvas Tote is a great way to commemorate your event and close out the summer. If you are feeling really fancy, stuff it full of goodies like your favorite white wine, cheese and crackers and other munchies.

Well, I’m off to the post office to inquire about some missing holiday invitations. Until next time, ask yourself this question, “If white is the new black, why can you still see the ketchup stain on my white shirt?”