Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

I woke up this morning to the sound of my wife yelping in pain. Fearing the worst, I leapt out of bed and prepared to defend my beloved from the masked intruder that must have circumvented the alarm system and broken in to our bedroom. Once I was alert and out of bed, the yelping stopped and I discovered that we were alone in the room. No one had broken in to steal my wife’s jewels or my lanyard collection. I breathed a sign of relief and fell back into bed only to be shaken awake by my perturbed wife. Apparently, the yelping was induced by my talons (her word) scraping against her delicate legs. Okay, so maybe I had let my toenails get a bit out of control but I think her reaction was a tad overblown. I tried to tell her that she was overreacting but she refused to listen and promptly made an appointment for me at her favorite nail salon.

Two hours later I found myself sitting in a vibrating chair, feet soaking in a vibrating tub of warm water with an angry sounding Asian woman leaning over my feet and shaking her head. As she examined my toes, she yelled something I didn’t understand to the woman next to her and the two broke into a fit of giggles. I was fairly certain they were making fun of me and I was about to leave in a huff but she started massaging my pups with scented lotion and I fell back into the chair. For the next twenty minutes, she clipped, filed, trimmed, scrubbed and scraped my feet into submission, and I have to admit, my feet have never looked better—and they felt fantastic—soft as a baby’s cheek.

I realize that not all men are as open minded as I am and the thought of getting a professional pedicure is about as far fetched as getting a facial or taking a Pilates class—and that’s fine. The nail salon is not for everyone, but the Illusion Series Manicure Set is something everybody can use. The set includes: stainless steel tweezers, knife/cuticle shaper, nail clippers, nail file, scissors, and a cuticle trimmer. It’s a great, unexpected give away for customers, friends and employees that ensures you will be remembered while the recipient is taking care of business.

Well, I’m late for Pilates so I’ll leave you with a little wisdom from my dear old Dad, “Marriage is like pie, eat the whole thing, and you’ll end up with a stomach ache.”