Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Valentine’s Day is all about love, romance and coupledom. Gifts of hearts and flowers, chocolate and roses, lingerie and lace are hallmarks of the holiday celebrated by lovers everywhere. Husbands, boyfriends and suitors start feeling the pressure as January slides into February and singles groan as they are inundated with the sickeningly sweet decorations, cards and gifts that flood stores as soon as the Christmas decorations come down. Heck, I’m married and I think I might barf if I see one more cute bear holding a pink puffy heart emblazoned with a sappy sentiment such as, “Free Bear Hugs,” “Be Mine,’ and “”I Wuv You.” Of course, my distaste for all things pink and red won’t stop me from giving Mrs. Winston a dozen roses and a pink negligee. I’m a grump, not a dummy.

I also recognize a good opportunity when I see one, so if you want to forgo the sap but still take advantage of the holiday, use Valentine’s Day as a way to express appreciation for those who work hard for you every day—whatever their relationship status. Reward your sales team, office staff and R&D folks with a gift that shows you care—in a professional, non harassing kind of way. Every one likes brownies, so a Gourmet Brownie Assortment they can share is the perfect way to say, “I like you a lot—and you’re doing a great job here.”

Well, I’m off to prepare my keynote for the “Anti-Valentine’s Day” parade. Until next time, as my good friend Melanie Clark is fond of pointing out, “You can’t put a price tag on love, but you can on all its accessories.” Ain’t love grand?