Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

The only thing I love more than words and promotional products is food—I love eating it, preparing it and watching it be prepared, especially on television. I tuned in to the reunion special of “Top Chef” to see some of the “never before seen” scenes, relive memorable moments from the past season and, of course, find out who won the “fan favorite” this year. SPOILER ALERT. To no one’s surprise, Fabio, the Italian Stallion graciously took home the ten thousand dollar prize, which he said he plans to invest in his restaurant. He seemed to win more with his charm than with his cooking skills, so I wasn’t surprised that he won. He proved that a cute smile and an Italian accent can take you almost all the way to the top—and make you ten grand richer.

Personally, I was rooting for Carla because, while the judges didn’t always appreciate her, in the end it was her endless love for the food and her fellow man that put her in the finals. She may be the only chef in “Top Chef” history that made it to the top three without backbiting, sniping or criticizing her competitors. She was odd, eccentric and nice—something you don’t often find in the world of reality television. Her attitude and behavior was refreshing and I was happy to see that, although she didn’t win it all, she proved that you don’t have to be mean to make it big.

We can all take a cue from Mrs. Hooty Hoo and smile, think positively and just be nice! Being nice is something we take for granted, but is always appreciated. Remind your employees and clients that a little smile goes a long way. Promote positivity by giving them a Smiley Face stress ball imprinted with your company logo. After all, there is nothing wrong with getting a little recognition for your good attitude.

I’m off to my meditation class because due to a recent financial misstep, my attitude could use a little fine-tuning. Until next time, take advice from Mignon McLaughlin, “Don’t be yourself – be someone a little nicer.” –from The Second Neurotic’s Notebook, 1966.