Hello everyone. I want to talk to you today about the importance of the personalized leave- behind. Oh yes my friends. When you are working with a specific individual who is in charge of the purchasing of your product type or service, I have found it is better to give them something with their name engraved, embroidered or printed on it, than it is to have their company logo or your logo for that matter.

People take pride in where they work, but, quite often, they leave that job for another. Once they do, the logoed item you gave as a gift with their logo on it is no longer useful. Now you could make the argument that you would give them a logoed gift with your logo on it. After all, you are the vendor, and you want them to remember your company. Here is what I have found… while people do take pride in their jobs, at the end of the day, they would much prefer to have an item with their OWN NAME on it. PERIOD. It means you cared enough about them as a person to take the time to personalize this gift just for them, and not just anyone in the office. NOW… if you really want to be a stud and show that the prospect/client is important, do some research on what their interests on and personalize that. Take for example, I remember I researched someone who I found out loved to fish. We engraved a cutting board for fishing with his name on it. Another prospect loved pizza. We engraved a pizza cutter with their name on it. To this day, they are using those items. They know we took the time to research what their interests were. They are not just another link in the corporate chain. They are recognized.

Make it personal folks. They will remember it. When you do endeavor down this personalized gift scenario path, you know what vendor to contact. AKA me. If you have any prospects or important clients you want to give something cool to with their name on it, contact me dbroudy at Rushimprint.com. I will find you something badass to make you look like a rockstar. It’s what I do.

Thanks for listening. Enjoy the day.
Dan Broudy