For many companies, tradeshows are an incredibly important element that is a part of their marketing and trade. If you are one of the many companies that partake in the life of a tradeshow traveler and business maker, it is important to know what to and what not do when you are exhibiting your company face to face. Also, use the following to train personnel and representatives to assure that you have a consistent company image.

Tradeshow DOS
Tradeshow Reputation
Tradeshows are different according to the area, the type and the amount/type of people that you will be exposed to. Do your research and make sure that you will be in front of your perfect client, as tradeshows are a big expense.

Have a Killer Display

Well maybe not KILLER, but make sure that your booth is eyes catching, creative and fun. Nothing is worse than the person trying to sell their product sitting at a table with pamphlets and a chair. Get excited! Bust out your company colors, pictures, give them an idea of what your product would feel like to own.

Hand Outs to Read

Another important element is to give people a proper explanation of what you do. And if you are lucky, you will have a booth full of prospective clients. Make sure that you touch everyone by giving them an information sheet.
Promote your presence

Make sure people that you know and don’t know of you are aware of your presence at the show! Get people to come to the show specifically because of your advertising in advance. Get involved on your social media outlets and shout it from the rooftops!

Have a Giveaway Or Gimmick

Of course every booth has to give every client something that they can remember them by. Promotional items are incredibly important both in burning into your clients memories but also to give them something practical. A USB drive with your company name on it, a pen with your information, even a chip clip! The possibilities are endless. Check out the best promotional products on the market here:

Take Notes
You will have conversations with dozens of people during a trade show. Many of them will give you their name or a business card. Make sure you remember what you talked about and why you saved their card by jotting a note about what you talked about on the back of their business card or on a note pad while you’re at the show.

Train Booth Personnel
Choose your booth staff carefully and be sure they know how to deal with the public. Among the faux pas to avoid (all seen at recent trade shows), are booth personnel who:

  • Look unkempt and/or unwashed
  • Bad-mouth competitors
  • Talk to each other instead of to people passing by the booth
  • Sit at the back of the booth and wait to be approached

Follow up!
Have a plan in place for following up on leads as soon as you get home from the show. Don’t wait a month or two to get around to sending information to those who stopped by your booth. By then, the hot prospects are likely to have become good customers for one of your competitors.