When it comes to attending an Expo as a business, you need to really get your creative juices flowing. The keys to expo success are differentiation and maximizing exposure of your brand. Here are some ways to achieve these objectives.

Hourly Giveaways!

Keep them coming back for more! Get some cool products either from your company (or not) that will get people interested and asking about your company and circling your booth like a shark. If needed, check out a company that has a stellar product to giveaway, even go so far as to ask them to donate it if you put up an ad for them at the booth.

The way to orchestrate the giveaway is to get stickers created with your company logo (branding!) and get your customers to put one on by providing their email, or just by listening to your spiel. Slap the sticker on them so that it is visible. Then, around the time of your choice, go around with your super awesome prize and a camera and give it away to the first person that you see rocking your sticker. Make a big deal and take a picture.

The most important item to remember when running a giveaway is to not compromise your brand identity. Make sure that you have your logo on absolutely everything that you give away, that you are wearing and on your booth.