So, you want to be wildly successful? I just figured out the key ingredient in ascending to where I want to be.  I, you, all of us really, need to start focusing on the next two words: BE AWESOME!

The best way to find success is to be awesome“Awesome” might be one of the most overused and undervalued words in our language; it is used so much that people seem to have misplaced what the word actually means.  It doesn’t take a degree in English Literature from a division II state school to know that “awesome” simply means to inspire awe, but nobody seems to really remember what “awe” means anymore. tells us that “awe” is defined as, an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like: in awe of god; in awe of great political figures. WOW!

If you truly inspired awe in the people around you, then you would have no choice but to be truly and fully successful.  Being awesome isn’t about doing cool tricks on a skateboard, or writing a great song; being awesome is about moving people at their very core – affecting them. Be grand, be powerful, and inspire those around you to admire the life you live; touch the lives of everyone you can by being the best person you can be.  Those that are truly awesome don’t even have to tell people; awesome people just live good lives and the rest falls in to place.

Being awesome is a personal choice and it’s unlikely that anyone can make you awesome, but rushIMPRINT can definitely help you spread the word!  If you are already awesome and need some help getting people to talk about it for you, then let us help you promote your business and your personal brand!