QR Codes as a Marketing Tool

Quick response codes (QR) are flat little squares of black and white dots that are cropping up across the mobile marketing field. Smartphone users simply snap a photo of these dots and a QR code reader app connects to an Internet landing page, revealing a world of useful information. For those who market with promotional products, QR codes could be the most prescient, agile and robust way to appeal to the burgeoning mobile market.


Try it, it works!

The growing trend toward QR codes for marketing is already well established in Japan, where 25% of shopping takes place on mobile devices. The US market has been slower to catch on to the QR trend, but forward-thinking marketers are beginning to sit up and take notice. Promotional products are the perfect platform for quick response technology. A QR code reader app can make a product perform all sorts of Internet tricks that can keep consumers entertained and engaged for years to come.

The ways advertisers are able to use QR codes for marketing is limited only by imagination. These little black and white dynamos are more than just two-dimensional barcodes, they can really pack a marketing wallop. They can be stamped on almost any flat surface or digital location, and linked to all sorts of Internet destinations, from functional to frivolous. Landing pages can include product information, reviews, discount coupons, online shopping pages, social media platforms, music, videos, games, surveys, polls, and much more.

One really innovative way to use QR on promotional products is to embellish the code itself with a graphic or message. The codes are made up of black and white patterns that can only be read by a QR code reader app, but unused areas in the code’s design may be crafted into a simple picture or words. This is even more reason to put QR codes on promotional products.

Clearly the trend toward consumer use of QR technology is growing quickly and the mobile movement shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. Using QR codes to market promotional products is simply a smart business move. Advertisers can start by learning more ways for marketers to use QR codes creatively.

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