Custom Printed Umbrellas

If you’re looking for a very unique promotional item to give away at trade shows or even as a corporate gift, look no further than a custom printed umbrella! Whenever we need umbrellas, we almost never have them. This is why a custom printed umbrella makes a great giveaway or gift. Just remember to keep one for yourself.custom umbrellas

Folding Umbrella- This is a great little umbrella. It’s compact and comes with its own case. Perfect for tossing in a bag or a briefcase or even in the glove compartment.

62″ Tour Golf Umbrella- This golf umbrella is not only eye catching, it’s incredibly well designed. Featuring a shoulder strap and lightning resistant fiberglass construction, the umbrella’s handle is made of rubber and is designed to be ergonomic.

41 Inch Umbrella- This best-selling umbrella is aggressively-priced and is the perfect mid-size option to protect you from downpours.

You may find yourself wondering how to effectively use these umbrellas at a trade show, but don’t worry! You can pass them out and say things like “we’ll never leave you out in the rain!” or “our company will never rain on your parade!” Do they sound corny? Sure, but when you say it with confidence and a smile? You’re going to leave a great impression with prospective customers, and they’re going to remember you.

Another suggestion is to keep them handy in your offices as a giveaway for your employees. If it’s raining and someone forgot an umbrella? Just take one of the company umbrellas, and keep it! Then, when they’re using the umbrella, people will see your company’s name and logo. And if you get the golf umbrellas, you can offer them as a giveaway at a golf tournament your company may be sponsoring in the future.

There are dozens of ways to effectively use custom printed umbrellas in a variety of settings – you just have to get a little creative! People will remember you for a unique gift that doubles as a practical everyday item.

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