Bottled Water with Your Logo

Trade shows are usually massive, multiple day events. People walk around from table to table, getting information on different companies and even scoping out other businesses with which to form partnerships. Usually, food is readily available, but many people will forget to bring bottles of water along with them while they are making the rounds. And no matter whether it is the middle of winter or the middle of the hottest summer possible, people need water to drink during these trade shows. Which is one of the biggest reasons that getting bottled water with your logo on it can be a very effective use of a promotional item.

If it’s your first trade show or your hundredth, everyone can agree that breaking the ice with people attending trade shows can be difficult. If you’ve got a consumable that nearly everyone needs, it becomes that much easier to say “Excuse me, would you like a drink?” than to shout a pitch over all the rest of the noise going on.

Don’t do trade shows? You can still benefit greatly from putting your logo on bottled water. Keep it on hand in the office for meetings, and load up employee refrigerators. Even if during meetings, most potential clients take coffee, it’s customary to offer water along with the coffee as well.

When your employees grab a drink before they head out on their lunch break, they’ll be carrying your brand along with them. This offers brand exposure opportunities; even better because the logo is in the hands of one of your employees, who can easily offer more information or specific phone numbers for people to contact.

Drinking more water is something we are constantly told to strive for because it is healthier. And, according to health research, it is. So why not take advantage of having bottled water with your logo on it? Get your brand out there and into people’s hands via something they will use and carry with them, and they will remember you.

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