Custom Cookies

Custom Logo Cookies are the perfect promotional product for a tradeshow, convention or other event. While most companies are selecting the usual keychains, pens and mugs to promote their business, all of these tend to be overdone. After all, how many keychains can one person use? To be effective, you want a promotional tool that will stand out above the rest, something that is useful and that everyone will want to keep and use over and over.
Imprinted cookies are an attractive alternative to the usual items given away. Choose a well known, quality brand of cookie and watch how your potential customers enjoy them! Used as a giveaway at a tradeshow, convention or other event, you will see people enjoying them as they wander about, and your company will automatically be associated with a high quality product. You can select these cookies individually wrapped, or in tins or other packages. They are available in many different designs, flavors and styles. Your logo may be placed on the cookies themselves, or on the package, or both.
Printed cookies such as the best selling 2.5 inch or 4 inch picture sugar cookie, or the Edible greeting card cookie are also a great choice when served at company functions, or when placed on a counter in the office where a customer can help themselves. You can even choose to have a favorite photo, logo or even business card transferred right onto the cookie! Of course, don’t be surprised if some people come back for an extra, just to keep as a souvenir.
Custom Logo Cookies will serve well to promote your advertising needs; give one of the helpful agents at rushIMPRINT a call at 1-866-277-7874 and discuss what it is that you want to achieve. The trained agents will help you choose the best item for you in a professional and friendly manner. These cookies with logos will give your business branding a real boost!

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