Custom Keychains

custom keychainsWho hasn’t experienced the embarrassment/disaster of losing a key? We all know how easy it can be to forget where you put ‘em when coming in with an armload of groceries, for instance. The cost of replacing some of these keys can be higher than you think, and some of the newer keys can take a while replace. We all have a large number of keys to keep track of: keys for the house, car, lockers, offices and more. Because such small objects can easily be lost or misplaced, it’s important to keep a handle – or more specifically – a keychain on them!

The solution to this, of course, is as simple as custom keychains. This is a great way to keep all of your keys together in one convenient place.

This makes promotional keychains the perfect product for your company. After all, everyone needs one or more, and because they’re used frequently, your company logo is highly visible on a regular basis. The recipients will appreciate your thoughtfulness each time they use one of your keychains, and when the need arises for them to use your product or services, they will know right where to go!

Promotional key chains make great gifts for large giveaways as tradeshows and conventions because of their low initial cost. New and used car dealerships frequently present them to their customers, and if you own an automotive service or repair shop, what better way to promote your business than with a keychain displaying your logo?

Logo keychains are no longer limited to a plain design. There are keychains with lights, which make it easier to see your lock in the dark; keychains with bottle openers, so that you always have a bottle opener with you, and even novelty keychains with toys, such as novelty key chains.

Personalized keychains are not limited for use by those in the automotive business. A good example of this would be the kicks keychain or the touchdown keychain as a representative promotional product for a sporting goods store or sporting event.

No matter which custom keychain you choose to represent your company, these valuable little items will offer you a great ROI, and your promotion will make a great hit with your customers!

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