Promotional Candy

promotional candyCustom candy! Combine everyone’s love for candy with your advertising program and have a delightful mix. Hard candy, soft candy, old favorites, new creations – what an endless variety to choose from. Your biggest problem, other than choosing just one, may be in not eating too much of your own goodies! This is truly the sweetest way to promote your brand.

You can choose personalized candy that is individually wrapped, and have your logo emblazoned not only on the candy itself, but also on the wrapper. Or even candy that comes in gift boxes marked with your logo prominently on display.

Do you prefer novel packaging for your promotional candies? Select your old favorite tootsie rolls in packages from crystal clear bags, cylinder bottles, candy jars and even “take out” packages; your jelly beans from glass jars, gourmet tubes, and rectangular tins.

Hershey customized candy kisses, come in many designs to delight your customers. You can order them in a bin with a scoop, in single size packs or as a giant kiss, in large window bags, or as a mug stuffer bag.

Promotional candy works well for just about every business. Are you a realtor? Try the House Lollipop for the perfect promotional product. This individually wrapped candy has your logo prominently centered on the front in a large 2.45” x 2.87” edible icing! Your customers will eat them up.

These edible promotional candies can be given away at almost any event, from tradeshows and conventions to sports events and even store openings. These candy giveaways are inexpensive yet extremely memorable and effective. Try sitting a basket of them on your office counter and see how well they go over. Use them as a solo advertisement or blend them in with your other campaigns.

Whether you choose the old or new, the hard or soft, or mix and match your favorites, you will find that your custom candy is perfect for your marketing and advertising efforts.

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