Promotional Cutting Boards

custom cutting boardsWe all know that directly on the kitchen counter is no place to slice and dice your food. You can damage it with deep (often expensive to repair) gouges all in an attempt to chop up some vegetables. Don’t seriously damage your luxurious counter top. Instead, use custom cutting boards.

Having a cutting board readily available will save a great deal of time and money. Their simplicity to clean helps prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Cooking-savvy individuals among us prefer to have more than one, so that raw meats can be cut separately from fruits and vegetables, preventing cross contamination. This is also convenient when you’re cutting or slicing several things for a meal at one time. Wood cutting boards have always been the most popular. Small cuts in the wood tend to close back up on their own, and wood has some natural anti-septic properties. Bamboo cutting boards are resistant to bacteria, while many people claim that a plastic cutting board is more sanitary than wood. Even rubber has recently come into use as a cutting board material.

custom wood cutting boards come alone, or with additions such as knives. Many are rectangular or square, but you can also find novelty shapes. Plastic boards come in a wide variety of colors to make them more interesting and set them off against your counters.

Specialty promotional cutting boards are also available, such as cheese cutting board sets. Most cutting boards are made to sit on the counter, but many are designed to hang out of the way when not in use.

Whichever design of custom cutting board you choose for your advertising purposes, you will find that you receive plenty of praise and recognition for your choice. These cutting boards make wonderful gifts, and you either select to give them alone or with an added treat such as a package of specialty cheese (which can also carry your logo for additional promotion).

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