Promotional Lunch Bags

Do you remember when a lunch bag meant a plain brown paper bag that your mother put a sandwich and maybe an apple in for you to carry for school? If you were lucky, you might have a thermos to carry along with it for a cold drink or maybe even some soup, but that meant carrying two separate things.
Customized lunch bags are a far cry from those old paper bags, and can carry a wide variety of either hot or cold foods.
Even a budget lunch bag for as little as $1.51 each is insulated to keep your lunch fresh and tasty. Available in a wide variety of colors, these handy little bags have a large 5” x 4” imprint area to display your logo. You know how children are-when they see an interesting lunch bag like this they are going to be asking mom and dad where they can get one too.
A promotional lunch bag may be a single compartment, or dual compartments to separate items. One compartment may hold foods, and the other drinks. Some even have side mesh compartments added to hold additional items.
If your customers tend to be environmentally conscious, it is even possible to select a custom lunch bag that is made of recycled material. Some of the styles include custom sports bottles and adjustable shoulder straps for convenience.
When you are looking for a promotional product to help market your business, you want to choose something that is useful and that people will be happy to receive and keep for a long time. Flyers and brochures are fine in their place, but are quickly forgotten or thrown away. How much better to distribute a custom cooler bag to your customers that will be on display for a long time to come. Food is usually associated with pleasure and comfort, and those feelings will spread to encompass your company too. Select a cooler bag from the more than 60 styles, designs and colors available, and distribute them to your customers, employees, and their families.

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