Round Custom Bage Holder – SM-2404

custom badge holder

If you have to carry an ID card for work, you know what it’s like trying to keep them fresh, unstained, and in good condition. Every day wear and tear can damage them over time, regardless of how careful you are. When it is necessary to use it to enter doors by scanning, this damage can occur even more often. The Round Badge Holder can help keep your ID protected.

It also makes a convenient case for carrying ID cards at events and other gatherings outside of the workplace. Many of these gatherings issue temporary cards to identify those in attendance, and also to make them easily identifiable to others, and make it easy to remember names of those who are meeting for the first time.
The built in belt clip makes this badge holder a convenient way to carry and display your ID, while leaving your hands free for other tasks. It can also serve the dual purpose of acting as a key ring, and has a retractable 32” cord.

The Round Badge Holder is available in multiple colors, allowing you to select different ones to distinguish between departments, companies or even teams. Other groups who frequently choose to use these badge holders are church groups and children’s camps. You can select from a wide variety of colors for your company logo imprint, making it highly visible at all times. Choose colors that match those of your company or team, or even some that contrast sharply with the badge holder.

The Round Badge Holder makes the perfect gift to use for giveaways at conventions, trade shows, and almost any event. They will be put into use right away, and then taken home and to the office to be used over and over again, making them quite valuable as a promotional item. The person using it will see your logo or other information many times each day, as will the people who see them using it. Each of these instances will put your company information out there to help in branding your image.

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