Small Cowbell

What do you think of when you hear “cowbell”? Does the word bring to mind a pasture full of bovine creatures with bells around their necks? Do you think of a comedy show sketch with classic music that ‘needs more cowbell’? These don’t sound like much of an advertising opportunity, do they?

Well, the Small Cowbell has nothing to do with cows or comedy sketches, except for that clonking sound that attracts attention! Cowbells have been used for years to show excitement at sports events and other venues where large groups gather to celebrate. They’re a favorite at football games when shaken in rhythm accompanied to your favorite chant. Even hockey fans take part in the fun. Some events call for cowbells at the start and finish of the events while others are noisy from beginning to end.

However, the use of cowbells as promotional products doesn’t end at sporting events. They make great giveaways at community carnivals and charity events to make sure your product gets noticed. A county fair would be the perfect place to ring your cowbell!

The Small Cowbell is only 3”x2”, but it packs a memorable punch. The imprint area for your logo is 1” X 1”, perfect for visibility on the bell. With a variety of colors to choose from, it’s easy to select an option that matches your team colors or even your company colors.

Make sure your promotional product gets attention for your company logo. Selecting an item like the Small Cowbell doubles your visibility because because it’s seen AND heard? Fun items draw more attention, especially when they’re shaken with team spirit. Choose a product that makes your company or organization a part of the team!

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