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Custom Golf Balls

Custom golf balls are a promotional product that you can always count on to be used and enjoyed by the recipients. They are used by the retired person playing golf on vacation, by the Saturday golfer enjoying his time away from work, and by the professional golfer making his living playing the game. Golf is… Read more »

Custom Beach Balls

The mark of a great promotional product is one that will be seen as often as possible, providing you with repeat advertising for a one-time cost. They also need to have a highly visible logo that stands out against the background on a high quality product. Can you think of a promotional item that better… Read more »

Custom Tumblers

Custom tumblers hold every type of drink imaginable, both hot and cold. You find them filled with water, soda, coffee, tea, and beer – even soup in some cases! Because many of these customized tumblers are insulated, you never have to worry about keeping the temperature of your drink stable, and the top keeps drinks… Read more »

Imprint Custom Tote Bags

When you are looking for a promotional product on which you can display your company logo in a large size and very prominently, Custom Tote Bags are a very logical choice. These bags come in a large variety of sizes, colors and styles, some with zippers and others with open tops. You can find one… Read more »

Custom Backpacks

Custom backpacks may not always prove a suitable promotional product for large scale giveaways, but when used in the proper venue they make the perfect choice as part of your advertising and marketing campaign. A good promotional product needs to have wide appeal, a fast and easy distribution network, and have excellent repeat visibility. A… Read more »

Custom Cookies

Custom Logo Cookies are the perfect promotional product for a tradeshow, convention or other event. While most companies are selecting the usual keychains, pens and mugs to promote their business, all of these tend to be overdone. After all, how many keychains can one person use? To be effective, you want a promotional tool that… Read more »

Halloween Bags

Halloween is always an exciting time of year, and a great time to showcase your company logo for all to see. Personalized Halloween bags are not only a great way to get your logo seen by a large number of people, but are also a great way to build goodwill towards your company. Having your… Read more »

Custom Rally Towels

People can always find a good use for custom rally towels , which makes these trendy items a great choice for a promotional product. These towels are used by both sportsmen pursuing solitary sports and teams, which allows for a great deal of exposure in a wide variety of areas. Not only will your customers… Read more »

Custom Sunglasses

Cheap custom sunglasses are used as a trendy fashion statement, as well as protection against harmful ultra-violet rays. They are worn on the beach, the golf course, at sporting events, while driving, and just about any other outdoor event you can think of. This versatility makes cheap imprinted sunglasses such as the Blues Brothers Sunglasses… Read more »

Promotional Sunglasses

Businesses need a variety of promotional items that are distributed as complimentary items to individuals stopping by at a tradeshow booth or as gifts to valuable employees and important company visitors. These products thank visitors for stopping by or reward employees who add value to the company by producing quality work. Trade show and conference… Read more »