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Custom Chip Clips

promotional chip clipshave a definite place in your next advertising campaign. They are a handy, easy to use and popular item that every home needs and never has too many of! Do you hate stale potato chips? You open the bag, have a few, and go to put them away – how to keep them… Read more »

Custom Bottle Opener Key Chains

Two of the best inexpensive promotional items are bottle openers and keychains. So why not combine the two and use really remarkable advertising items?< a href="">Custom bottle opener keychains widen the scope of the scope of the audiences you can successfully target, and allow you to increase your marketing without increasing your costs. Everyone uses… Read more »

Custom Logo Candles

When I was a child, candles were something you used when the power went out, and sometimes we had small ornamental ones for Christmas, but you didn’t light them, just used them for decorations. Now, there are whole stores dedicated to them – decorative candles, and delightfully scented ones. We light custom candles in the… Read more »

Custom College Promos

College students attend sports events, seminars and parties on a regular basis. They are usually on very strict budgets, and love free things. These same students, however, will soon have vast purchasing power and will need and be prepared to pay for your products and services. That is a pretty good reason for using promotional… Read more »

Custom Printed Paper Bags

Where did what we call custom paper bags come from? They have been around for so long that we all just take them for granted. We carried our lunch to school in them as children, we carry our groceries home in them as adults. Fast food restaurants place our takeout orders in them. The first… Read more »

Custom Plastic Bags

We are accustomed to seeing custom plastic bags every day, in many different places. Yet our ancestors, as short a time ago as our grandparent’s generation, would have been shocked to see them. The well known plastic bag of today didn’t exist before the 1950’s! The first actual plastic bag commonly in use was the… Read more »

Custom Travel Wallets

Do you, your customers and employees do a lot of traveling, either for business or pleasure? Do you frequently have to carry large numbers of identification or documentation such as passports, tickets or boarding passes? Have you had problems in the past trying to find some convenient place to store your traveler’s checks, hotel or… Read more »

Promotional Toys

We’ve all heard the old saying about “the child in all of us.” Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to playing with toys! That is whypromotional toys should be such an important part of your marketing campaign. We all know what happens when a little boy gets a toy train set for Christmas-dad… Read more »

Travel Promos

Your customers, potential customers and employees travel more and more in today’s busy world. They travel for business and pleasure, alone and with families and business colleagues. Each trip they take presents you with a unique opportunity to use travel promos to advertise your business. Airlines, travel agents and cruise ships can all make great… Read more »

Custom Pens

Even inexpensive items such as a custom printed pen can be a perfect promotional product when you make quality choices. Always choose items which are useful, attractive, and of the highest quality you can find – it is better to sacrifice quantity rather than quality when you want to present your business or event in… Read more »