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Top 10 Things I am Grateful For This Thanksgiving

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru #10 I’ll start with the obvious. I am exceedingly grateful for my beautiful wife. I would say it goes without saying, but if I didn’t say it, I might end up being grateful we have a comfortable couch in the den. #9 Next up, my charming children—and while they are all… Read more »


Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru For the first time in recorded history, the Winston’s are going to celebrate Thanksgiving away from home. I was recently invited to take part in the official 2008 Lighting Ceremony of the Pilgrim Monument at the Provincetown Museum. It promises to be an exciting day and, as it is touted as… Read more »

Reuse It Or Lose It

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru I took my last swig of diet soda and was about to toss the empty in the trash when I was treated to an ecology lesson from my oldest daughter. She starts college next year, so I guess she is practicing spreading her wings and feels she can finally teach the… Read more »

Star Struck

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Last night I dreamt that my wife and I went to the movies…and with three kids, going to a movie alone really is a dream. To get there, we had to walk through a crowd of country singers, break dancers, girl scouts and geriatric pogo stickers—only to end up in the… Read more »

Weight Lifting

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Mrs. Winston came barreling in to my office this morning to announce that her diet was working—she had lost two pounds in two days and was going to have a piece of French toast to celebrate her success. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that, due to gravitational effects,… Read more »

Sandwich Day

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru With all the hoohah about Election Day, it seems that Americans have forgotten that there are other days in November that are worth honoring. I don’t mean to diminish the importance of voting, patriotism or Election Day, but I think there are a few other days that we, as good Americans,… Read more »

Get Your Vote On

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Everybody knows there are a few topics that are verboten during polite discourse—politics, religion and my mother-in-law’s peculiar proclivities. For the last several months, however, politics has been a tough topic to avoid. It’s seems that the newscasters, pundits, bloggers and even my Aunt Mabel can’t seem discuss anything else but… Read more »

Wordy – October 16th is Dictionary Day!

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Fellow vocabulary aficionados know that October 16th was Dictionary Day—a sacred holiday that should be celebrated with reverence and gratitude for the late, great Noah Webster. And in the Winston household, it was. For those of you who are ill acquainted with my favorite holiday and have not yet realized why… Read more »

Rock & Roll

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru If you have never had the good fortune to travel by private jet, and aside from rock stars and presidents—few of us have, I can tell you, not from personal experience, that it is the ultimate luxury. And it ought to be luxurious—a private flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas… Read more »

Nailed It!

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru I woke up this morning to the sound of my wife yelping in pain. Fearing the worst, I leapt out of bed and prepared to defend my beloved from the masked intruder that must have circumvented the alarm system and broken in to our bedroom. Once I was alert and out… Read more »