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Road Trip…Literally

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Things have been a bit chaotic in the Winston household so I decided this weekend would be an ideal time to take a road trip up the coast. Mrs. Winston doesn’t share my penchant for the open road as she suffers from acute carsickness and the kids were tied up with… Read more »

Walk It Off

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru This morning I was awakened by the five words that strike terror in the hearts of married men everywhere. I used to think the phrase, “My mother is moving in” was the worst sentence a man could hope to hear his wife utter. That is, until I heard her say, “I’m… Read more »

Dream On

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru I’ve had the same dream for the last three nights in a row. It’s starts with me playing at the final table in the World Poker Tour (WPT). We are down to three players and I am the chip leader. To my left sits a dwarf with a giant mustache, wearing… Read more »

Spring is in the Air

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru April is an important month. I’d even go so far as to say it’s one of the most important months of the year, at least in this country. It’s also my favorite. Sure it has its drawbacks; all those April showers promising to bring May flowers, taxes are due and of… Read more »

Taxing Matters

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru I owe, I owe So it’s off to work I go I owe, I owe So it’s off to work I go I owe, I owe, I owe, I owe, I owe, I owe! My dad used to sing that little ditty in the car at the top of his lungs… Read more »

Can The Satin Stainless Knife Make You A Hero?

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru As regular readers are well aware, I’m something of a television addict and my current favorite addiction, “Heroes,” is on hiatus. It’s been gone for weeks now and is not scheduled to return until April 23rd. I’m counting the days. For those who are unfamiliar with the best show on TV,… Read more »

Give The Kids Promotional Toys This Easter

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Easter Sunday is coming up and Mrs. Winston is excited. Not only does she get to try out her new glazed ham recipe but she is also in charge of our neighborhood’s annual Easter egg hunt. She has been plotting all week, poring over maps of our neighborhood to find the… Read more »

The Audience is Listening

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru I am a film fanatic so, as you can imagine, I go to the movies a lot. I like them all–action, indie, comedy, and even foreign art films with barely comprehensible storylines and subtitles so small I have to sit in the third row to have even the smallest chance of… Read more »

Fear of Flying

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Like many people, I used to have an unhealthy fear of flying. I don’t mean I was a little nervous about taking to the skies; I mean I was a certified white-knuckle flier. Since my business requires me to fly almost 100,000 miles a year, my fear was becoming an increasingly… Read more »

Frequent Flyer

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru As a frequent flier, I was a bit taken aback by the following headline, “Man Relieves Himself in Air-Sickness Bag.” As if being crammed in to impossibly small seats, having to watch bad movies on a screen the size of postage stamp and getting stuck next to overly chatty seatmates who… Read more »