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High-tech promo products (part 2)

Over 22 million people own iPods or MP3 player in the United States alone. So it certainly makes sense to give iPod-related promo items like these: The Sound Pod Travel Speaker (left) is perfect for travelers who use either MP3 or CD players. Who knew that high-quality speakers could come in a size smaller than… Read more »

High-tech promo products (part 1)

It may as well be Christmas here at Rushimprint, because tons of new shipments are coming in. Just yesterday I saw Nine West Bags, and this morning I saw iCubes that feature universal docks for iPods. I’m not very tech-savvy myself (I can’t even use a fax machine), but this iCube is so simple to… Read more »

Free Nine West bags!!!

I am a total ‘bag hag.’ A sizeable portion of my annual earnings goes into paying off purses. In fact, I am so obsessed with bags that I build my outfits around it. I even have a formula that beats the Euclidian code: blue bag = blue shoes = blue cardigan Can you blame me?… Read more »

Promo items in the Torino Olympics

The Olympic Stores in Torino are carrying great promo items for athletes and spectators alike, ranging from indoor items such as mouse pads and balls, to outdoor wear such as backpacks, caps, shirts, and of course, the all-time favorite drinkware. (Photo from The Online Olympic Store) Many companies are jumping in on the Olympic promo… Read more »

Promo items for a dry cleaning business?

A study shows that new customers of dry cleaning shops who received promotional products spent 27 percent more than customers who just received coupons, and a whopping 139 percent more than those who just received plain vanilla ‘welcome letters.’ I guess the tides are changing even for the ‘repression-proof’ dry cleaning industry. It has become… Read more »

Cowbells and other nifty ideas

When a company gave out cowbells as promo products for a cycling event in Europe last year, some people laughed and found the idea ridiculous. But weeks later when the same company increased its client base exponentially, nobody found it funny. It turns out that the company’s decision to give away cowbells was well-researched –cowbells… Read more »

‘Squeezing’ my way to better health

February was declared the ‘National Heart Month’ not just because Valentine’s Day falls within the month, but more importantly, to remind us about the importance of a healthy heart. You see, heart disease is the number one cause of death among both men and women in the United States. More than 2,000 Americans die of… Read more »

Cupid’s stress reliever

February 14 is fast approaching and we expect more orders for Valentine’s Day-related items, such as our best-seller, the Valentine Heart Stress Reliever. It’s a nifty little gift item that I personally like because it looks great and is very functional. You squeeze it to relieve stress and therefore promote your heart’s health. And if… Read more »

Collectible promo items

I’m a geek, and when we geeks get our hands on the internet, we go to eBay to surf for the most, well, geeky things. So it’s no accident that I spotted this set of collectible Star Wars drinking glasses – the same ones Burger King gave out when the first Star Wars movie came… Read more »

No time to rest

Rushimprint is like the Jaguar of the promotional products industry – we do everything at warp 9.9, 24 hours a day. Since we specialize in providing promotional products in a flash, we have no time to rest. I start the day getting client orders, then sprinting from one production to another, then coordinating with suppliers… Read more »