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Shoe horns

The shoe horn may be reclaiming its glory, and may quickly become as indispensable as a hairbrush or comb. That’s right – these little plastic scoops are making their way back into shoe cabinets, and quickly. Shoe horns are not readily available in shoe stores these days, so people who receive them as promo items… Read more »

Insulated mugs

When I started working at rushIMPRIMT some years ago, one of my first assignments was to help a radio station choose promotional items to give to its employees for its anniversary party. The station employed only about 40 people, and they were pretty close-knit. It was important for me to find a promotional product that… Read more »

Lip Balm…..Who Knew?

Every pocket, every handbag, every dresser, or every bathroom in the United States probably has a stash of lip balms. So popular are lip balms, in fact, that brands like ‘Lotta Luv’ has sold more than 30 million of these products during the past two years, and the brand ‘Leashables’ ships out about 1.5 million… Read more »

PDAs versus paper folios

I thought I was the most technologically-backward person this side of the country, until I read this: Most people still prefer traditional paper folios to personal digital assistants (PDAs). And it makes sense, really. Many carry phone numbers in their cell phone, and therefore do not need electronic organizers to do that for them. Most… Read more »

High-tech promo products (part 3)

More great news: some 73 percent of recipients of promotional products use the product at least once a week, and a whopping 45 percent use it at least once a day. This is especially true for technology promo items that take over almost every office desk in America (and some coffee shop tables, too). Some… Read more »

High-tech promo products (part 2)

Over 22 million people own iPods or MP3 player in the United States alone. So it certainly makes sense to give iPod-related promo items like these: The Sound Pod Travel Speaker (left) is perfect for travelers who use either MP3 or CD players. Who knew that high-quality speakers could come in a size smaller than… Read more »

High-tech promo products (part 1)

It may as well be Christmas here at Rushimprint, because tons of new shipments are coming in. Just yesterday I saw Nine West Bags, and this morning I saw iCubes that feature universal docks for iPods. I’m not very tech-savvy myself (I can’t even use a fax machine), but this iCube is so simple to… Read more »

Free Nine West bags!!!

I am a total ‘bag hag.’ A sizeable portion of my annual earnings goes into paying off purses. In fact, I am so obsessed with bags that I build my outfits around it. I even have a formula that beats the Euclidian code: blue bag = blue shoes = blue cardigan Can you blame me?… Read more »

Promo items in the Torino Olympics

The Olympic Stores in Torino are carrying great promo items for athletes and spectators alike, ranging from indoor items such as mouse pads and balls, to outdoor wear such as backpacks, caps, shirts, and of course, the all-time favorite drinkware. (Photo from The Online Olympic Store) Many companies are jumping in on the Olympic promo… Read more »

Promo items for a dry cleaning business?

A study shows that new customers of dry cleaning shops who received promotional products spent 27 percent more than customers who just received coupons, and a whopping 139 percent more than those who just received plain vanilla ‘welcome letters.’ I guess the tides are changing even for the ‘repression-proof’ dry cleaning industry. It has become… Read more »