Promotional Candy

promotional candyCustom candy! Combine everyone’s love for candy with your advertising program and have a delightful mix. Hard candy, soft candy, old favorites, new creations – what an endless variety to choose from. Your biggest problem, other than choosing just one, may be in not eating too much of your own goodies! This is truly the sweetest way to promote your brand.

You can choose personalized candy that is individually wrapped, and have your logo emblazoned not only on the candy itself, but also on the wrapper. Or even candy that comes in gift boxes marked with your logo prominently on display.

Do you prefer novel packaging for your promotional candies? Select your old favorite tootsie rolls in packages from crystal clear bags, cylinder bottles, candy jars and even “take out” packages; your jelly beans from glass jars, gourmet tubes, and rectangular tins.

Hershey customized candy kisses, come in many designs to delight your customers. You can order them in a bin with a scoop, in single size packs or as a giant kiss, in large window bags, or as a mug stuffer bag.

Promotional candy works well for just about every business. Are you a realtor? Try the House Lollipop for the perfect promotional product. This individually wrapped candy has your logo prominently centered on the front in a large 2.45” x 2.87” edible icing! Your customers will eat them up.

These edible promotional candies can be given away at almost any event, from tradeshows and conventions to sports events and even store openings. These candy giveaways are inexpensive yet extremely memorable and effective. Try sitting a basket of them on your office counter and see how well they go over. Use them as a solo advertisement or blend them in with your other campaigns.

Whether you choose the old or new, the hard or soft, or mix and match your favorites, you will find that your custom candy is perfect for your marketing and advertising efforts.

Bags at rushIMPRINT

promotional bagsPromotional bags come in many different types, styles, brands, sizes and colors to suit your every need. These custom bags come as tote bags, drawstring bags, duffel bags, back packs, lunch bags, computer bags, golf bags, and many more.

Selecting any of these bags as a promotional marketing tool is a wise choice. They’re a durable item, meant to last a long time, and are used in a manner which keeps your advertising widely visible to the public. Because they’re used repeatedly, your advertising dollar goes much further than with disposable items, and you can customize them to match your marketing style and design.

Golf courses, businesses that sell golf equipment, and events such as celebrity golf tournaments might well choose printed bags like the Slazenger classic golf bag with its large 4.5” x 4.5” imprint area to use as gifts or prizes. When you prefer a less expensive alternative, the Maximus golf shoe bag still provides a lot of advertising value, and provides a 4” x 3.5” imprint area. Either of these custom printed bags will give you great value for your advertising dollar.

Businesses catering to the tech crowd may choose to use computer bags or iPad/tablet cases for Promotional bags for a campaign. Any techy would be delighted to receive a Compu backpack with such features as zippered main compartments that will hold laptops up to 15.4”, media storage pockets, water bottle pockets, earbud ports, and many more. They will remember you and your company every time they pick up the bag, and so will anyone who sees them using it.

Any business, convention, or event which has to bag products for customers to carry home knows the value of printed bags. Why give your customers a plain bag, when each and every purchase can be placed in a paper bag with your company logo prominently displayed? For a very low cost, you can provide each customer with one or more bags which gives you incredible advertising power, choosing from many different styles. You can select from different colors, or even choose some made of 100% recycled material to help our environment. Imprint areas can be as large as 5” x 10”, making sure that your logo is highly visible.

Custom Duffel Bags

Custom duffel bags are valuable and versatile items that lend themselves well to advertising and marketing plans. They are available in many different styles, brands, sizes, colors, materials and price ranges, making them a perfect choice to customize for your business, company or event.

We use duffel bags when traveling, and many of them are the perfect size to use as carry-on luggage. They are lightweight, making them easy to carry, and many now have wheels.

Personalized duffel bags are easy to use when carrying sports and gym equipment, and can be thrown over the shoulder to carry, freeing your hands for other things. These bags hold all of the equipment you may need, fit into most lockers, and are easy to clean.

Custom duffel bags are also handy for business use. Some of the bags have special pockets for items such as laptops and cell phones. For business use, some of the leather duffel bags may be the perfect choice.

With over 120 styles of printed duffel bags to choose from, matching the perfect bag to your companies promotional campaign is an easy task.

For use as a gift for a top salesman or a valued customer, something such as a high quality multi-pocket Kenneth Cole Columbian Leather Weekender Duffel would be a grand choice, and would be a pleasure for any recipient to use. The 2” x 1.5” imprint area allows your logo to be readily visible to all who come in contact with this bag while it travels about.

It’s best to use a more inexpensive duffel bag for large-scale promotional giveaways. We have many of these, all with a large imprint area. These bags make a worthwhile investment, and will assure you of maximum exposure for your branding efforts. You can also elect to choose embroidered duffel bags as your advertising item. Whichever style or brand you choose, you will know that your bags will be of the highest quality, and will be part of your customer’s life for many years to come.

Custom Hats

custom hatsHats are an integral part of our everyday attire. We wear hats to keep warm, we wear them to protect our skin and hair, we wear them for style or to stand out in a crowd, we even wear them to show respect, such as when we attend church. With hats being worn for so many different reasons, and so many places, the use of custom hats as a promotional product makes a great deal of sense. Good custom printed hats will go a long way towards getting your company logo noticed, and can go many places where you would ordinarily have a difficult time placing your advertising. All of this at a fraction of the cost of traditional media advertising!

Cheap custom hatsare the wave of the advertising future. Available is so many different sizes, styles, brands and colors, you can easily select the one that best suits your business, and one that sets off your company logo to the best advantage.

Promotional hats are perfect for many different types of distribution. They can be purchased inexpensively enough to be given away at conventions, tradeshows, seminars and other events. They can be used for sports and school teams, or given away as gifts. They are even sold in school and team stores for an additional stream of income. These imprinted hats are also the perfect item for such charity events as golf tournaments and motorcycle rally’s.

A best-selling custom hat such as the Price buster 5 panel capoffers silk screen printing on a large 4” x 1.88” imprint area. This means plenty of space to put whatever information you want displayed. You can also select a visor style cap, such as the Nike Golf Dri-fit Visor, a high performance three panel visor that will please all of your golfing customers.

When planning your advertising campaign, be sure to include some of these promotional hats as part of your marketing plan. The low initial cost and wide exposure assure you of a great return on your investment, and a lot of repeat exposure for your company branding purposes.

Custom Logo Polo Shirts

Custom Logo Polo ShirtsWhat is a polo shirt? In general, a basic description of a polo shirt is a pullover shirt made of knitted cotton. Custom polos have your company name or logo printed on them for everyone to see, aiding you in your advertising and marketing programs.

These customizable polo shirts are seen everywhere. Restaurants and bars use them on a regular basis-not only do the employees wear them, but often they are sold in gift shops or at the counter to allow customers to take one or more home. This is particularly true in tourist areas, where customers like to take home a reminder of their vacation, and also take some along for family and friends. What better way to advertise than to let your customers do it for you?

Hotels, motels and amusement parks use them in the same way, enticing new customers from states far away that might otherwise not be aware that they exist.

Sports teams use promotional polo shirts to identify and set apart team members, as do schools and churches. Copies of these shirts are also often available for sale to fans and visitors as an additional stream of revenue.

Many times these logoed polo shirts are used at conventions and tradeshows as giveaways to identify your company, and even at places like a local Chamber of Commerce meeting you will often find the shirts.

There are shirts for men, women and children in all colors and sizes. Some are now available in materials such as silk touch wrinkle and shrink resistant fabric, while others come in long and tall sizes. No matter what type of team or group you want to outfit, you can select just the perfect style and color to match.

Promotional polo shirts last a long time, and have the potential of exposing your logo to a large number of potential customers. This makes them a top choice as a promotional item, and at a cost that makes them a great investment.

Custom Zippo Lighters

Custom Zippo LightersThe Zippo Company has been in business since 1933, providing high quality, long lasting lighters, many of which have become collectors’ items. The custom Zippo lighters that you display your company logo on stand beside such classics as the Jack Daniels street chrome lighter, the Playboy brushed chrome lighter, and the I Love Elvis brushed chrome lighter. Zippo makes windproof lighters, utility lighters, and candle lighters in a variety of finishes, and offers a lifetime guarantee.

customized Zippo lighters work best for small promotions, door prizes and gifts for customers and employees. They are the perfect promotional tool for tobacco stores and sporting goods stores and sporting events. They have often been given as gifts to retiring employees as they can be customized to suit the occasion. A model such as the Zippo Windproof Lighter in Black ice finish is the perfect example of a classy, memorable, and useful promotional gift. It has a solid brass case, a nickel silver hinge, and a specially-designed windproof chimney. It comes with a two-piece Zippo gift box. Anyone receiving these personalized Zippo lighters will treasure them for a long time to come, and will remember you for the delightful gift. These lighters are also available in a matte finish, brushed chrome, and high polish brass as well as others. The 1” x 1” imprint area allows you plenty of room for your logo or other information.

During the holiday season, send some of these lighters to your clients from the previous year; give them as special holiday gifts to your employees. Are you in a tobacco-related industry, such as a pipe or cigar store? Send personalized Zippo lighters along with a single cigar or tobacco sample to select customers.

Whichever Zippo lighter you choose to represent your company, you can rest assured that your gift will be of the highest quality, and backed by the prized Zippo lifetime guarantee. Years from now, when most promotional products are long gone, your customized Zippo lighters will still be going strong and still promoting your company as well as they do right now. If you are looking for a promotional product that will give you repeat advertising, very few items can match these lighters. With a lifetime guarantee, there may be no gift with a more lasting impact than a custom Zippo Lighter!

Custom BIC Lighters

custom bic lightersCustom BIC lighters have been a well-known, well-liked, and often-used promotional item for many years. There are many reasons why they are chosen over other products, including their high quality, low cost, and the availability of so many different styles and colors.

Custom printed Bic lighters are durable and useful, rather than an item which is often just thrown away, such as a business card. People use them for many things, from lighting cigarettes, cigars and pipes to lighting campfires, candles and fireplaces.

The Bic Multi-purpose lighter is an essential tool whether you are camping, grilling out, or at home in front of the fireplace. The durable metal wand makes it the ideal tool for lighting grills, lanterns, candles or fireplaces. It is easily stored, and has a visible fuel supply window. If you have ever tried lighting a campfire with a match or regular lighter, you will appreciate what a great convenience these multi-purpose lighters are. Placing your logo on these promotional Bic lighters assures you of continued exposure for your company information. It has a 1.86” x .75” imprint area.

The regular Bic lighters make fantastic promotional items for large scale giveaways at conventions and trade shows. The low investment required and the convenient size makes them highly rated for this type of use. There are several styles available, such as the best-selling Bic J23 Slim lighter. These little gems still have a good size area for imprinting your company name and logo. You can also choose either the Bic mini or maxi lighter. The logo and company information are screen printed on your lighter.

Personalized Bic lighters are disposable, and so there is always a place for a new one. Most people prefer to own several, and leave them in different places around the house, car and office.

They will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and each time they use one of your lighters, will be advertising your company for you. Whichever lighters you select to represent your company; you can rest assured that not only will the BIC name stand behind the quality of its product, but rushIMPRINT will also stand by its dedication to customer satisfaction.

Custom Malibu Sunglasses

custom sunglassesCustom Malibu Sunglasses are always among the best-selling promotional products. There is a style and price range of these sunglasses that is perfect for every marketing and advertising campaign. When you are selecting a promotional product to help with branding your company name, you can never go wrong selecting these stylish and trendy items.

Custom Sunglasses are something that everyone wears, winter and summer. We wear them to protect our eyes from UV rays, from the wind, and often just because they are stylish. Most people have at least one pair, but owning several is not at all unusual. Some people even collect several pair to go with different outfits or at different times. Many of us have a pair for an afternoon walk or hike, a different pair for sporting events, and another pair for use in the glare of winter snow.

The Rubberized Malibu Sunglasses are made of recycled material, which is great for putting your company in a positive, eco-friendly light. Their low price allows you to give away a large number of these without breaking the bank. Another best-seller is the Malibu Pinhole Sunglasses with the imprint on the lens. When you’re looking for a novelty item at a low cost, these are perfect.

Promotional Malibu sunglasses go a long way towards establishing your business as one that is professional and caring. Everyone will appreciate and enjoy receiving these sunglasses, and will remember you each time that they wear them, and you will enjoy repetitive advertising for one low initial cost. Whether you elect to distribute them as a giveaway at a convention, tradeshow, or sporting event they will make a positive impression. Another positive factor in the choice of these sunglasses is that they can be stored and used again in another promotion, so that you can order a large number and take advantage of the lower cost.

Promotional Products Under $1

Promotional Products under $1

There are times when you prefer inexpensive promotional products for your advertising, such as when you’re doing a large-scale giveaway at a convention or a trade show. Let’s be honest, you want something cheap, but you also want a product that won’t crumble when your potential customers put it in their pockets. Well at rushIMPRINT, you can have your promo cake and eat it, too. We offer a large number of durable promotional products under $1.00 from which you can select. Purchase them in bulk, and use them for one (or several) events.

You can choose from a variety of these items to represent your company to a large number of people. Select from calendars, bottle openers, drinkware, sports items, key chains, lighters, office supplies, and much more.

A clothing company or someone hosting a sporting event might choose from such promos like the Rubberized Malibu Sunglasses, for instance. For less than a cup of coffee each, you can have your logo imprinted on these stylish shades and get constant exposure every time they’re worn.

Even the technology area offers an opportunity to use these low-cost promos. The Computer Screen Sweep removes dust from computer monitors and most glass surfaces, and is so much more convenient than spraying a bottle of some chemical on your monitor. Just a few passes with the sweep and the dust is gone. Another option that is always a crowd pleaser is the Cable Keeper. This handy little gadget organizes cords for you, which is great for cable management.

For those associated with the automotive industry in any way, from sales to service, there are numerous inexpensive promotional products to help you represent your company. Place your company logo prominently on items such as a Universal License Plate Frame, a Visor Ice Scraper, or a Mini Ice Scraper key chain.

There are promotional products under $1 that will advertise your company just the way you want. Distribute them to everyone attending a convention, or place a large basket of them on your office counter and let customers take one when they visit you. Select several and use them to make up gift baskets for smaller gatherings or to use as door prizes. It isn’t necessary to spend large sums to advertise your company successfully.

Custom Umbrellas

custom umbrellasWhen we think of umbrellas, our first thought is usually a plain black umbrella carried to protect us from the rain. However, promotional umbrellas encompass many more styles today than once was the case. Today, umbrellas go to the beach to protect from sun, sand and wind. They ride with us on golf carts, cover us on picnic outings, cover our tables on the patio. And the umbrellas we carry for protection from wind and rain come in a wide range of stylish and trendy colors, sizes and styles.

It isn’t any wonder, then, that these custom umbrellas have become an integral part of the marketing plan of many companies. They make the perfect promotional product in that they are a highly useful, durable item that is made for repeat usage. They come in many price ranges, to make them acceptable choices for either large scale giveaway or as gifts for valued customers and employees. They have a large, highly visible imprint area for your logo.

Best-selling logo umbrellas, such as the 42” Budget umbrella, can be purchased for as little as $3.98, making them a highly cost effective marketing item. Even this budget item comes with excellent service and speedy delivery. Another excellent choice for the budget conscious advertiser who still wants high quality is the 60” budget golf umbrella, with a large 10” x 6” imprint area.

Although not suitable for large giveaways, the 96″ ShedRays sport shell umbrella makes a great choice for use as a gift for employees or customers, or as a door prize at tradeshows or conventions. This custom printed umbrella has a super large 26” x 19” imprint area, and is the perfect choice to get your brand some quality exposure. It comes complete with a carrying case, and is easily portable for use when camping, going to the beach, or for outdoor sporting events.

Whichever style of umbrellas with logos that you choose for your advertising campaign, the results will astound you, and give you a ROI that exceeds your expectations.