Health and Fitness Gifts – It’s Exercise with Your Child Week!

Icon Pedometer

Make every step count during exercise with your child week with the Icon Pedometer! Available in neutral black or royal blue, the Icon Pedometer keeps track of 1 to 99,999 steps, which means your company logo will be in the forefront for a long time to come. The sleek Icon Pedometer is one of the most portable fitness promos available, making it a great promotional products choice for advertising any business in the fitness or health industries, or for encouraging employees to exercise while
keeping the company name in the forefront.

StayFit Digital Jump Rope

The StayFit Digital Jumrope is one of the most state-of-the-art fitness promos available today. Among the most technologically-advanced fitness promotional products, it’s sure to catch the attention of tech savvy consumers. What better way to promote your company during exercise with your child week than with a StayFit Digital Jumrope that records the number of jumps taken and the calories burned as well as the distance jumped in either kilometers or miles. Available in crisp, clean white with blue accents, the 10-foot StayFit Digital Jumrope is a great choice for advertising your gym, personal training services, or other fitness-focused business. Choose one of a variety of custom colors to make your logo jump out!

EVA First Aid Kit

The EVA First Aid Kit is one of the best promotional products. After all, who doesn’t need a first aid kit? Your clients will appreciate your focus on their health during exercise with your child week. One of the best-selling fitness promos, the EVA First Aid Kit has all of the basic first aid items, including a variety of bandages, scissors, and safety pins, all in a handy, black zippered case that will bring your logo to the forefront every time your customer reaches for a bandage.

Mini Pill Holder Keychain

The Mini Pill Holder Keychain is a wonderful fitness promos option that brings your company’s name to mind whenever a customer reaches for the keys or their medication. Your clients will appreciate your concern with their well-being with one of the most popular promotional products around. With a built-in pill splitter, this is a great advertising option for any medical or child care facility during exercise with your child week. Available in patriotic red, white, or blue, the Mini Pill Holder Keychain is a constant reminder of the great products and services your company provides.

Get in the Game! Top 4 Promo Items for Sports Fans

From the roar of a cheering crowd to delicious food, there are few things people like better than heading out to a sporting event. Free promotional products, however, come pretty close. That’s why if you’re trying to promote your business, imprinting your logo on sports promos is a great way to earn new customers. And there’s no better way to get started than with these top four sports promos.

Seat Cushion

Available to order at, promotional seat cushions are a wonderful addition to any sports fan’s inventory. Whether they’re on the bleachers of a high school baseball game or a professional NFL event, a true sports fan will always have a seat cushion with them for added comfort. Since they can be folded up, they’re easy to carry as well. With five colors to choose from and the ability to imprint any logo you want, your business will get exposure at an untold number of sporting events.


The coolers at are the sports promos every business dreams about. Made from waterproof nylon and fully collapsible, these coolers hold 18 cans and are sure to be a hit at any tailgate. And since your company’s logo will be visible to everyone there, it’ll be a hit with bringing in new business. It’s available in three colors as well, so you can pick the color that’s best for your business.


Every sports enthusiast knows the importance of a good pair of binoculars, and that’s why the binoculars at are a necessity. Imprint them with your company’s logo, and watch as your customers enthusiastically recommend you to their friends. With a slip-resistant design, these binoculars are sure to impress as they help sports fans get a closer look at the action on the field. They’re truly one of the best promotional products available.


Rally towels are an important part of any game, and they don’t come any better than the ones at Whether you’re looking to promote a local sports team, or simply imprint them with the logo of your business, these rally towels are sure to be treasured by your customers. Made from 100% white cotton, the quality is top-notch as well! Whatever your business needs, rushIMPRINT is there with a wide variety of sports promos and promotional products to help your business grow. From coolers to towels, they have you covered.

Don’t Stress! Marketing Success with Branded Stress Balls

Do you want to know how to get a lot of promotional impact out of your marketing efforts? Promotional stress balls can be used in creative ways to boost brand awareness. They’re inexpensive and consumers are likely to keep them around, making them a great promotional giveaway.

A Word about Branding

The point of branding is to build an emotional connection between a consumer and a business. This is done with a name, logo, or color scheme. While it takes time to build this kind of rapport, a promotional giveaway can be a good short cut.

Consumer studies tell marketers that the more often someone thinks of a business, the more likely they are to choose that business when they need something. By imprinting your name or logo on stress balls, the consumer sees your message every time they use it.

There’s a secondary benefit as well. Regardless of whether they want a product or a service, shoppers have a problem to be solved. Promotional stress balls reinforce the idea that your business does just that.
Do Promotional Stress Balls Work?

Stress balls began as a therapy used in traditional Chinese medicine. Although they look a little different in modern times, the principle behind them is the same. When the ball is squeezed, the hand and arm muscles will contract. When the ball is released, the tension in the hand and arm muscles is also released. This improves circulation and relieves the physical effects of stress. When squeezed rhythmically, it will also regulate breathing, relax muscle tissue, and improve some arthritic conditions.

Do It Differently

Promotional stress balls are a common giveaway item. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re not effective marketing tools. The key is to do it differently from your competitors. Here are a few tips to get the idea train rolling:


  • Themed promotional stress balls are a lot of fun. If you’re in the healthcare field, you can buy them shaped like a heart. A dentist can buy them shaped like a tooth. They are available in a huge variety of different styles: globes, food, bobble-head dolls, and many more. The possibilities are endless.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness month is a perfect opportunity to launch your own memorable campaign. Stress balls are a great gift for customers. It also lets them know that you believe in a cause. The same idea can be applied for smoking cessation.

Promotional USB Flash Drives

Promotional USB drives are often the most popular corporate swag, no matter the event. They serve as a testament to the idea that functionality breeds success in the realm of promotional marketing items. In other words, USB drives are useful, so they tend to offer a lasting value that other products may not. So how do you choose the right USB drive for your brand? Well, there is plenty to consider!

rushIMPRINT offers a variety of styles, but we’ll focus on a few of the most popular styles. The classic Fold Out Flash Drive is available in 1 and 16 GBs. It’s the most common USB style, and is always a good choice. However, technology changes daily, and we must move forward with it. The Practical Alloy Series USB Cards, for instance, add an innovative twist to the classic USB design because they can easily be carried in a wallet or purse like a credit card. Or, if you are stuck between using pens or USB’s, why not go with a combination of the two? The USB flash drive pen functions as both a pen and a USB. It even includes a laser pointer for presentations. If you’re looking for a super-thin option, the Wafer Series USB Card may be the way to go. These cards offer a large area for displaying your brand information and contact details, despite being just 2.3 mm thick. They’re a perfectl fit to travel with potential clients.

USB drives offer an unbeatable functionality that almost guarantees lasting brand value. Customers won’t discard a USB drive as quickly as a keychain, if ever. So if you’re looking for a great way to build exposure for your brand, give promo USBs a shot.

Distributer Profits Up 5.9% in Second Quarter

In the flagging business environment, at least one industry is seeing gains. Distributor revenues have increased 5.9% in Q2 of 2011. This is the sixth consecutive gain for the sector, making it one of the most reliable growing niches in the United States. According to the data recently released by the ASI, distribution industry growth totalled $4.6 billion in the last quarter.

This continued growth shows that while traditional print promotional materials may be a shrinking business, companies and individuals looking to increase their brand awareness are increasingly turning to distributors. An increased emphasis on creativity has led to customers paying distbutor’s a little extra for more memorable branding opportunities.

A look at a top promotional outlet, rushIMPIRINT (found online at will show that brand building buyers can move beyond marketing their brands and events on pens, t-shirts, and magnets. Rubber duckies, sports bottles, USB drives, beach balls, flower vases, and other unique items are all top sellers. As one of the top distributors in the promotions industry, their commitment to exciting, diverse products shows why the distribution sector is thriving.

Promotional marketing is big business and the larger the company, the more opportunities customers have for unique branded promo items. Businesses that earned more than $1 million in revenue per year saw a higher than average growth of 8.7%. But even smaller companies focused on brand building can expect to see significant increases in the short term. The majority of distribution companies surveyed all forecast financial growth in the coming year.

For businesses interested in promotional marketing, now is the time to take advantage of distribution companies specializing in branded promo items. Featuring highly creative inventories that are sure to please customers, the continued success of this specialized industry is a testament to customer’s continued sanctification with the results they have seen.

As the economy slowly but surely sees growth, distribution firms are seeing more orders with an emphasis on high returns. “…(clients) are demanding more value. In our case, they are demanding more creative value versus demanding lower pricing.” explains Mark Graham, president of Right Sleeve Marketing.

Marketing Budgets Rise in 2011

The Chief Marketing Officer Council, a global network of 6,000 chief marketers, recently released the results of a global survey conducted on 600-plus marketers. The report indicates that approximately 60% of the participants intend to shell out more for marketing initiatives, including brand building, promotional items, and promo products. A significant 26% of those surveyed intend to increase spending by 1%-5% in 2011 alone.

Marketing Budgets On the Rise

Another report, the 2011 State of Marketing: Outlook, Intentions and Investments, found that marketers are now beginning to focus, and accordingly spend more, on digital media and online marketing. Comparative research by the CMO Council revealed that of the marketers surveyed, a majority planned to increase their social media budgets by more than 5%. This budget increase could also be allotted to other forms of online marketing such as search engine optimization, mobile initiatives, online videos and banners, and brand building and promo products.Despite these increases, the report states that increased spending on digital media will still make up only a maximum of 10% of marketing expenditure. According to the CMO Council, it is of critical importance that marketers implement an approach that takes advantage of both digital and online marketing tactics. With the effects of these strategies capable of measurement, it’s no wonder these approaches are becoming increasingly popular for brand building and increased sales. This was reinforced by CMO Council’s Executive Director, Donovan Neale-May: “Today’s successful marketing organization is unifying its extended ecosystem, aligning more effectively with business and sales groups and integrating campaign components to drive efficiency and more measurable outcomes.”

In addition to the enhanced brand building tactics and increased use of promotional items, the report also revealed the participants’ plans to enhance customer segmentation and targeting. The CMO Council concluded by saying that marketing, has evolved from simple branding and now impacts many aspects of business operations, including strategic planning and forecasting, business development, pricing, channel management, and even product design.

Swag Up Your Company Picnics

Are you tired of same old boring company picnic? There’s an easy way to spice things up, and leave a lasting impression on your employees. rushIMPRINT carries several products that add some much-needed excitement and enjoyment to the mundane picnic. Use them to liven up the atmosphere or even to promote a little competition by raffling off some of these quality products. Friendly competition through drawings, or even giving swag away as a gift to your employees, is an effective way to boost morale. These exciting products are imprinted with your company logo, a valuable method of marketing your company to your employees’ friends and family.

For example, the Koozie Picnic Kooler is a stylish way to cool off those sodas or other beverages. It gives a professional look and feel to the bags’ intriguing style, and can hold 18 beverages to cool off even the hottest of picnics. Plus, there are several colors to choose from. A well-insulated front compartment on the watertight main compartment holds even more picnic items. There are several promotional coolers to choose from!

We also carry the very sleek custom picnic basket cooler. It’s distinctive design allows storage for up to 24 12oz. cans at a time. These baskets spruce up any picnic with their professional appearance. External pockets provide easy storage of accessories, and a dual snap enclosure supplies a tight seal for those beverages.

Let your employees sit in style!

How many company picnics just don’t have enough seating for everybody? A fun, polished way to fix this problem is a branded folding chair. These chairs are made of a high-quality tubular steel support and nylon for the seating with mesh cupholders in each arm. There are more than 10 colors to choose from, so you can pick the best fit for your company’s picnic. These chairs also have a carrying bag equipped with drawstring for easy travel.

The sun is often the enemy hot summer picnics. What better way to combat the sun’s brightness than a pair of custom aviator sunglasses? These provide a unique style and excellent eye protection. They’re also lightweight and comfortable to wear. Choose from 3 different frame colors.

Custom Imprinted Back to School Gear

Back to school is a huge selling season, and with the right tools it can be the perfect season for cheap and effective marketing. Students of all ages are returning to school, and they need school supplies. With imprinted promotional items, you’ll have lasting brand awareness. To take advantage of this incredible opportunity, visit rushIMPRINT, where numerous promotional items are offered specifically for this purpose.

Great back-to-school lunch caddies!

Parents won’t want to miss out on free supplies for their students, and you shouldn’t miss this incredible opportunity for a free and effective marketing campaign. At rushIMPRINT, you can find just about everything students need. For maximum product placement, try consulting a checklist of items parents are on the lookout for. A good checklist can be found here. On rushIMPRINT you can find most of these items, including promotional backpacks, imprinted notebooks, lunch caddies, Ipad sleeves & promo pens.

These products will be seen in every aspect of the school day. Your logo will be seen on backpacks in the hall, and many students even use them as their travel bags. They’ll be on lunch trays every day in the cafeteria, where they’ll be the envy of the students stuck eating cafeteria food. They’re even on iPads, and on the pens and notebooks used daily in virtually every class. All of this means the mosts exposure for you and your business, with little to no effort or expenditure on your part. These products will help to generate revenue and foster lasting brand awareness.

These Back to School Promos get an A+! With their help, your marketing will, too, so don’t miss out on this opportunity for enormous exposure!

Swag Done Right

Corporate Swag refers to the trade show giveaways a person receives for walking aisle after aisle in a conference center looking at the wares and services of the vendors. What makes for good Corporate Swag? Does item functionality reign supreme, or can a creative, unique design transform an otherwise regular item into marketing gold? Personally, I think that both functionality and design can make Promotional Products that will be spared the trash bin.

Foldout USB Flash Drive 1GB

Let’s look at what functional means when it comes to Promotional Stuff. Functional is something I can incorporate into my day regardless of the logo or corporate saying. However, if the trade show giveaways are an article of clothing, the artwork really needs to grab my attention, or be odd or quirky. A double meaning for a saying is fun on a promotional company t-shirt. Uninspired artwork is not.

When a company takes the time and effort to design artwork that represents the industry and the featured event well, I could argue that whatever the Promotional Stuff is, the company will be positively remembered. Even inconsequential artwork can have a big advertising impact.

Promotional company backpacks and custom duffel bags often are Custom Promotional Items given away at a trade show. I really like to receive these types of Promotional Stuff, especially when it is well made. One of the worst mistakes a company can make is to hand out badly made items. I would equate the cheapness of the product with bad quality control of the company whose name is on the gift.

Another bane of Corporate Swag is handing out old technology. If the Promotional Products that are given out are company logo USB and promotional thumb drives, make sure they are made with the latest technology. If I put the drive into my USB and it can’t be read, or there is little storage capacity, I again will look with question on the company whose logo is stamped on the casing.

Other Custom Promotional Items that are common novelty items are blinking noise making balls or yo-yos. While neither of these items are very useful, they are fun. My dog loves the balls; my cats hate them. A custom yo-yo is fun if you know how to run one. My dogs love them if they are thrown, and my cats love the string.

Bottom-line, quality swag is made up of two parts; useful, quality products and creative design. It’s important to always order from a quality manufacturer. Remember that your promotional swag is a reflection on your company, and in the mind of the consumer, a poorly made item is usually associated with poor business. But just as important is the use of quality artwork. A promotional backpack with a poor design can be outdone by something as simple as a company shirt with a unique, creative look. So, always try to achieve a balance of the two.

QR Codes as a Marketing Tool

Quick response codes (QR) are flat little squares of black and white dots that are cropping up across the mobile marketing field. Smartphone users simply snap a photo of these dots and a QR code reader app connects to an Internet landing page, revealing a world of useful information. For those who market with promotional products, QR codes could be the most prescient, agile and robust way to appeal to the burgeoning mobile market.


Try it, it works!

The growing trend toward QR codes for marketing is already well established in Japan, where 25% of shopping takes place on mobile devices. The US market has been slower to catch on to the QR trend, but forward-thinking marketers are beginning to sit up and take notice. Promotional products are the perfect platform for quick response technology. A QR code reader app can make a product perform all sorts of Internet tricks that can keep consumers entertained and engaged for years to come.

The ways advertisers are able to use QR codes for marketing is limited only by imagination. These little black and white dynamos are more than just two-dimensional barcodes, they can really pack a marketing wallop. They can be stamped on almost any flat surface or digital location, and linked to all sorts of Internet destinations, from functional to frivolous. Landing pages can include product information, reviews, discount coupons, online shopping pages, social media platforms, music, videos, games, surveys, polls, and much more.

One really innovative way to use QR on promotional products is to embellish the code itself with a graphic or message. The codes are made up of black and white patterns that can only be read by a QR code reader app, but unused areas in the code’s design may be crafted into a simple picture or words. This is even more reason to put QR codes on promotional products.

Clearly the trend toward consumer use of QR technology is growing quickly and the mobile movement shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. Using QR codes to market promotional products is simply a smart business move. Advertisers can start by learning more ways for marketers to use QR codes creatively.