Promotional Duffel Bags

Promotional duffel bags provide substantial exposure to your corporate logo. We find duffel bags everywhere: Airports, gyms and schools merely begin the long list of locations. The extensive range of sites ideally suits the goal of imprinted items, which is to get a business name noticed.

RushIMPRINT sells a variety of promotional duffel bags appropriate for all budgets. If you are looking at a large order, you might consider the inexpensive but sturdy Trek Bag. With one color imprint included in the price, distributing these bags among a large staff or customer base keeps costs relatively low. This enables a large quantity of bags to be carried around, which exposes your image on the bags to be seen by numerous groups of people.

Alternatively, the Leather Weekender offers upscale luxury. The main compartment is roomy and contains a built-in organizer. Whether the bag is an award to a dedicated employee or an incentive to a potential client, the Weekender’s quality leather and construction paired with a beautifully debossed imprint merits appreciation.

While these two examples are from each end of the budget range, there are many more styles from which to choose. Consider providing a well-travelled executive with a wheeled duffel that exposes your brand across the country or celebrating a long-term client, one who has a liking for physical activity, with a sport duffel.

All promotional duffel bags sold by rushIMPRINT meet stringent guidelines set in place for quality and dependability. Choosing their items to promote your business ensures your name is also associated with quality.

Raise Your Brand To New Heights with Custom Balloons

Looking for a fun, effective way to spread the word for you brand? Why not try balloons? Custom balloons can be seen from a great distance to attract visitors and potential clients with the lure of something exciting in store. There is no better way to say that your company is on the rise than with the bright balloons offered at rushIMPRINT.

There are a great variety of custom balloons to choose from depending on your preference for size and colors. For a fun party look, the 18″ Round Foil Mylar Balloons serve just right. They have a bright metallic sheen that is available in 18 different colors – choose your company’s signature color scheme, or create a rainbow! There are even 29 imprint colors available for these balloons as well. Everyone enjoys a party, and these Mylar Balloons will make even business events with your brand seem fun and inviting.

For a smaller size scale with equal amount of pizazz, there are also Decorator Latex Balloons, offered in two sizes of 9″ or 11″. These beautiful, classic-shaped balloons come in 17 different colors and can be printed with one of 29 different imprint colors. These balloons are perfect for handing out to potential clients or coworkers at big events to spread the brand name even further.

And for the company seeking to make a BIG impression, check out the 5-foot Jumbo Gorilla Balloons! In six bright colors with one imprint color, these gigantic globes are impossible to pass by. These Gorilla Balloons will be forever remembered boasting a huge brand name of your company that cannot be ignored!

Promo Fall Apparel

As fall and winter approach, it is time for small business owners to consider fall clothing for use as promotional apparel. Businesses with products or services that sell in these seasons, such as back to school clothing or holiday items can increase their revenue by advertising with carefully selected promotional products.


The District Threads Pigment-Dyed Pullover Hooded Sweathshirt has a casual, sporty look that will appeal to anyone who enjoys the ease and comfort of slipping on a sweatshirt. Sweatshirt logos often display their wearers’ loyalty to certain brands, bands or teams — with rushIMPRINTs customized sweatshirt, wearers can show their loyalty for companies through company logos.


Both men and woman appreciate the Devon and Jones Wintercept Fleece Unisex Quarter-Zip Jacket. This jacket is made entirely of microfilament polyester fleece that is durable and water repellent. The quarter-zip makes it easy to pull on and head out to enjoy a cool spring or brisk fall day, and its pockets keep hands warm. The qualities of the fleece fabric and its practical style cause this jacket to get plenty of wear, resulting in many opportunities to show off the company logo printed on the jacket.


Customized jackets from rushIMPRINT are available for both men and women. A favorite for women’s promotional apparel is the Columbia Ladies Benton Springs Jacket. This fleece jacket features warm and comfortable fleece with a zip front and the desired company logo positioned where it is highly visible on the right upper front of the jacket.

rushIMPRINT offers a wide selection of fall promotional products to help businesses make the most of their upcoming busy seasons or generate additional business even during slow times. Sweatshirts, jackets, fleece and other items of fall clothing can be customized with company logos. These items get repeated wear, growing brand awareness through the repeated exposure of their logos.

Promotional USB Flash Drives

rushIMPRINT offers a set of irresistible promotional USB flash drives that absolutely will not be refused by any of your potential clients you would like to keep connected to your brand for a long time and in a meaningful way. The promotional USB includes custom logos printed on the USB sticks and cards.

The USB promo flash drives come in different styles and colors attractive to wide audiences. They are both fun and valuable as they are tremendously useful in these computational times and are perfect for transporting the relevant data files of your (potential) clients, associating your brand image printed on the promotional custom logo USB with the efficiency of the product or service you are promoting. You can choose from different styles depending on the type of audience, the most basic ones are the classic Fold Out Flash Drive, available in 1 and 16 GBs.

There are also the practical Alloy Series USB cards that can be easily carried in the wallet, or the more functional option with dual function which features a USB flash drive pen that includes a laser pointer for presentations–this one is certainly perfect for your executive or academic clients.
In case you want to make an impression with the latest in portability and miniaturization, while at the same time maintaining a visually stunning presentation, the custom USB card presented on the wafer series are probably your best option. They offer a large area for displaying your brand information and contact details while being just 2.3 mm thick and perfectly portable in a purse or wallet. Without a doubt, these promo flash drive is a great and affordable way to let your customers bring your brand with them wherever they go, while associating your image with the functionality of these handy devices.

Promote Breast Cancer Awareness with Promotional Products

Breast cancer is one of the greatest threats to women. Nearly 200,000 American women will be diagnosed every year with breast cancer, and more than 40,000 will die of the disease. One of the best ways to fight the disease is to promote breast cancer awareness. And one way to do that is through the use of promotional products.

rushIMPRINT offers a number of promotional products that can be used to promote any cause throughout
the year and especially in October, which is breast cancer awareness month. Help to promote a greater understanding of breast cancer, such as the fact that it is considered a heterogeneous disease that differs by individual, age group and even the type of cells within the tumors themselves, using a stress reliever keychain. Its handcrafted polyurethane stress ball is a fun way to squeeze away your daily stress while promoting awareness of the disaease.

Make others aware of the risk factors of breast cancer, such as obesity, the intake of more than two alcoholic drinks a day and the fact that half of all women diagnosed are over age 65, with a promotional ribbon keychain, which easily attaches to your backback or belt loop.
Using a sport sling pack, one can promote greater awareness of breast cancer and in the process explode some of the myths of the disease, such as the fact that it only affects women or that mammograms can cause the cancer to get worse. This product can help the spread the message of the cause of breast cancer awareness to a younger audience.

And a pink tote bag that is trendy and practical can also serve as the perfect tool for promoting the cause at meets and greets, trade shows and corporate events. The bags have a large area to print the message of breast cancer awareness, including telephone numbers, web addresses and important dates. This promotional product can also spread the message of hope, and the fact that a diagnosis of breast cancer doesn’t have to mean “the end.” In fact, a diagnosis can be the beginning of learning how to fight and to survive. So, let promotional products help spread the word this October.

Health and Fitness Gifts – It’s Exercise with Your Child Week!

Icon Pedometer

Make every step count during exercise with your child week with the Icon Pedometer! Available in neutral black or royal blue, the Icon Pedometer keeps track of 1 to 99,999 steps, which means your company logo will be in the forefront for a long time to come. The sleek Icon Pedometer is one of the most portable fitness promos available, making it a great promotional products choice for advertising any business in the fitness or health industries, or for encouraging employees to exercise while
keeping the company name in the forefront.

StayFit Digital Jump Rope

The StayFit Digital Jumrope is one of the most state-of-the-art fitness promos available today. Among the most technologically-advanced fitness promotional products, it’s sure to catch the attention of tech savvy consumers. What better way to promote your company during exercise with your child week than with a StayFit Digital Jumrope that records the number of jumps taken and the calories burned as well as the distance jumped in either kilometers or miles. Available in crisp, clean white with blue accents, the 10-foot StayFit Digital Jumrope is a great choice for advertising your gym, personal training services, or other fitness-focused business. Choose one of a variety of custom colors to make your logo jump out!

EVA First Aid Kit

The EVA First Aid Kit is one of the best promotional products. After all, who doesn’t need a first aid kit? Your clients will appreciate your focus on their health during exercise with your child week. One of the best-selling fitness promos, the EVA First Aid Kit has all of the basic first aid items, including a variety of bandages, scissors, and safety pins, all in a handy, black zippered case that will bring your logo to the forefront every time your customer reaches for a bandage.

Mini Pill Holder Keychain

The Mini Pill Holder Keychain is a wonderful fitness promos option that brings your company’s name to mind whenever a customer reaches for the keys or their medication. Your clients will appreciate your concern with their well-being with one of the most popular promotional products around. With a built-in pill splitter, this is a great advertising option for any medical or child care facility during exercise with your child week. Available in patriotic red, white, or blue, the Mini Pill Holder Keychain is a constant reminder of the great products and services your company provides.

Get in the Game! Top 4 Promo Items for Sports Fans

From the roar of a cheering crowd to delicious food, there are few things people like better than heading out to a sporting event. Free promotional products, however, come pretty close. That’s why if you’re trying to promote your business, imprinting your logo on sports promos is a great way to earn new customers. And there’s no better way to get started than with these top four sports promos.

Seat Cushion

Available to order at, promotional seat cushions are a wonderful addition to any sports fan’s inventory. Whether they’re on the bleachers of a high school baseball game or a professional NFL event, a true sports fan will always have a seat cushion with them for added comfort. Since they can be folded up, they’re easy to carry as well. With five colors to choose from and the ability to imprint any logo you want, your business will get exposure at an untold number of sporting events.


The coolers at are the sports promos every business dreams about. Made from waterproof nylon and fully collapsible, these coolers hold 18 cans and are sure to be a hit at any tailgate. And since your company’s logo will be visible to everyone there, it’ll be a hit with bringing in new business. It’s available in three colors as well, so you can pick the color that’s best for your business.


Every sports enthusiast knows the importance of a good pair of binoculars, and that’s why the binoculars at are a necessity. Imprint them with your company’s logo, and watch as your customers enthusiastically recommend you to their friends. With a slip-resistant design, these binoculars are sure to impress as they help sports fans get a closer look at the action on the field. They’re truly one of the best promotional products available.


Rally towels are an important part of any game, and they don’t come any better than the ones at Whether you’re looking to promote a local sports team, or simply imprint them with the logo of your business, these rally towels are sure to be treasured by your customers. Made from 100% white cotton, the quality is top-notch as well! Whatever your business needs, rushIMPRINT is there with a wide variety of sports promos and promotional products to help your business grow. From coolers to towels, they have you covered.

Don’t Stress! Marketing Success with Branded Stress Balls

Do you want to know how to get a lot of promotional impact out of your marketing efforts? Promotional stress balls can be used in creative ways to boost brand awareness. They’re inexpensive and consumers are likely to keep them around, making them a great promotional giveaway.

A Word about Branding

The point of branding is to build an emotional connection between a consumer and a business. This is done with a name, logo, or color scheme. While it takes time to build this kind of rapport, a promotional giveaway can be a good short cut.

Consumer studies tell marketers that the more often someone thinks of a business, the more likely they are to choose that business when they need something. By imprinting your name or logo on stress balls, the consumer sees your message every time they use it.

There’s a secondary benefit as well. Regardless of whether they want a product or a service, shoppers have a problem to be solved. Promotional stress balls reinforce the idea that your business does just that.
Do Promotional Stress Balls Work?

Stress balls began as a therapy used in traditional Chinese medicine. Although they look a little different in modern times, the principle behind them is the same. When the ball is squeezed, the hand and arm muscles will contract. When the ball is released, the tension in the hand and arm muscles is also released. This improves circulation and relieves the physical effects of stress. When squeezed rhythmically, it will also regulate breathing, relax muscle tissue, and improve some arthritic conditions.

Do It Differently

Promotional stress balls are a common giveaway item. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re not effective marketing tools. The key is to do it differently from your competitors. Here are a few tips to get the idea train rolling:


  • Themed promotional stress balls are a lot of fun. If you’re in the healthcare field, you can buy them shaped like a heart. A dentist can buy them shaped like a tooth. They are available in a huge variety of different styles: globes, food, bobble-head dolls, and many more. The possibilities are endless.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness month is a perfect opportunity to launch your own memorable campaign. Stress balls are a great gift for customers. It also lets them know that you believe in a cause. The same idea can be applied for smoking cessation.

Promotional USB Flash Drives

Promotional USB drives are often the most popular corporate swag, no matter the event. They serve as a testament to the idea that functionality breeds success in the realm of promotional marketing items. In other words, USB drives are useful, so they tend to offer a lasting value that other products may not. So how do you choose the right USB drive for your brand? Well, there is plenty to consider!

rushIMPRINT offers a variety of styles, but we’ll focus on a few of the most popular styles. The classic Fold Out Flash Drive is available in 1 and 16 GBs. It’s the most common USB style, and is always a good choice. However, technology changes daily, and we must move forward with it. The Practical Alloy Series USB Cards, for instance, add an innovative twist to the classic USB design because they can easily be carried in a wallet or purse like a credit card. Or, if you are stuck between using pens or USB’s, why not go with a combination of the two? The USB flash drive pen functions as both a pen and a USB. It even includes a laser pointer for presentations. If you’re looking for a super-thin option, the Wafer Series USB Card may be the way to go. These cards offer a large area for displaying your brand information and contact details, despite being just 2.3 mm thick. They’re a perfectl fit to travel with potential clients.

USB drives offer an unbeatable functionality that almost guarantees lasting brand value. Customers won’t discard a USB drive as quickly as a keychain, if ever. So if you’re looking for a great way to build exposure for your brand, give promo USBs a shot.

Distributer Profits Up 5.9% in Second Quarter

In the flagging business environment, at least one industry is seeing gains. Distributor revenues have increased 5.9% in Q2 of 2011. This is the sixth consecutive gain for the sector, making it one of the most reliable growing niches in the United States. According to the data recently released by the ASI, distribution industry growth totalled $4.6 billion in the last quarter.

This continued growth shows that while traditional print promotional materials may be a shrinking business, companies and individuals looking to increase their brand awareness are increasingly turning to distributors. An increased emphasis on creativity has led to customers paying distbutor’s a little extra for more memorable branding opportunities.

A look at a top promotional outlet, rushIMPIRINT (found online at will show that brand building buyers can move beyond marketing their brands and events on pens, t-shirts, and magnets. Rubber duckies, sports bottles, USB drives, beach balls, flower vases, and other unique items are all top sellers. As one of the top distributors in the promotions industry, their commitment to exciting, diverse products shows why the distribution sector is thriving.

Promotional marketing is big business and the larger the company, the more opportunities customers have for unique branded promo items. Businesses that earned more than $1 million in revenue per year saw a higher than average growth of 8.7%. But even smaller companies focused on brand building can expect to see significant increases in the short term. The majority of distribution companies surveyed all forecast financial growth in the coming year.

For businesses interested in promotional marketing, now is the time to take advantage of distribution companies specializing in branded promo items. Featuring highly creative inventories that are sure to please customers, the continued success of this specialized industry is a testament to customer’s continued sanctification with the results they have seen.

As the economy slowly but surely sees growth, distribution firms are seeing more orders with an emphasis on high returns. “…(clients) are demanding more value. In our case, they are demanding more creative value versus demanding lower pricing.” explains Mark Graham, president of Right Sleeve Marketing.