Can I Borrow Your Pen?

The key reason to invest in promotional gifts is to bring awareness to your product and/or services. One of the best ways to receive brand recognition is to distribute promotional products such as pens, hats, key tags, and stress balls. However, one of the simplest yet effective marketing tools is through handing out promotional pens which display your information. Not only are pens used on a daily basis but they display your company information to existing and prospective customers in a very subtle yet powerful way.

Promotional pens are great resources to help take your business to the next level. Imprinted with names, numbers, slogans, messages, and website URL, promotional pens have the ability to keep the attention of existing customers and invite new ones which is a great way to generate business.  On social media sites like Twitter or Facebook? Add your Twitter handles and Facebook URL’s to the pens too. Remember, a large part of your consumers might be online, connect with them on their level.

Think about it, when you give away promotional pens to existing clients, they will probably lend or leave behind a pen somewhere, somehow. How often do you find pens laying around that you have no idea where or how you got them? Pens seem to grow feet, which is bad for you when you need one but great for your business when it is picked up by someone new.

If you are looking for more business and want to generate business in a quick and affordable way, we encourage you to invest in promotional pens. Never underestimate the power of a pen!

Going That Extra Mile

When doing business with others it is important to say thank you, even in a tough economy. No matter what business you run, it has been a long existing tradition to thank your customers and show appreciation. Thanking them is not only good for sustaining relationships but also to keep your name in the forefront. In an economic slump, many businesses may choose to cut corporate gifts out of the budget when in all actuality, promotional gifts may still be the best marketing strategy to uphold and generate business.

With our services, you can tailor your corporate gifts to reflect certain aspects or services at a great low price. Get creative with what your gifts are able to communicate. If your business is technology oriented, invest in customized USB flash drives. Or if you are a number oriented business such as a CPA or Financial Planner, customized calculators and pencils are wonderful gifts to spoil your customers with.

The most important thing to remember when investing in corporate gifts is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to make a positive impact. At rushIMPRINT we offer a range of great gifts at very affordable prices.

Tradeshow Gifts: The Practical Way

Every business and organization is constantly seeking out new ways to boost their reputation and brand awareness. One great and affordable way to do so is to invest in quick and practical tradeshow promotional gifts. Here are a few effective ways to increase brand recognition at tradeshows that will not break the bank.

Promotional pens are one of the best marketing tools and are one of the most popular items found at tradeshows. They are very affordable and extremely handy (no pun intended). Everyone uses pens; everyone also passes along pens, so when you invest in personalized pens you’re exposing your brand to so hundreds and sometimes thousands of people.

Another great item that can increase your brand recognition is a personalized tote bag imprinted with your company logo and company colors. Think about it, when people attend tradeshows they are given so many items with only two hands and would benefit greatly having somewhere to put everything. Not to mention your competitors horror when they see your companies tote holding their items. It’s a walking advertisement and makes the consumers’ life easier!

A keychain is a fun way to get creative. Key chains are a great way to ensure recognition even after the event. You can customize them with information, logos, colors and even shapes. The possibilities are endless no matter what you choose.

Your goal should be to show your marketing message everywhere and however you do that is up to you but try to be creative and think practical! Make your next tradeshow successful by handing out as many promotional gifts and practical items as possible!

We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

A great way to create synergy within the office is to get everyone involved in participating in a recreational sports league. Not only does it get everyone active and outside, but it is also a great way to have fun on and off the field while representing your company and increasing brand awareness.

Our services make it easy for you to increase brand recognition in an exciting way. From t-shirts to hats, we can provide your company with the necessary accessories to create a successful, good looking team.

The best part about rushIMPRINT is that YOU decide not only what you want, but exactly how you want it. No matter which style you choose, be sure to get your company team colors.

Customized promotional athletic equipment is a wonderful way to get your company unified and excited for any sport leagues, not to mention intimidates the other team. Add names, individual numbers and company logos, this is a great way to show team unity all while looking good!

rushIMPRINT offers promotional  t-shirts, hats, water bottles and duffel bags at great low prices and we currently have a Close Out Sale on Old Glory Sandwich Caps now at just $4.73/each. We can have it to you within just 3 days, after all we are known for our rush services :)

What is better than being able to pick all the accessories and apparel for your company team which also reflects your branding and team spirit? Not much, besides winning the game…

Tradeshow Planning

Tradeshow Planning

Tradeshows are a major part of a lot of companies marketing and sales plans. These types of events allow businesses to get in front of their target audience for a fee. Depending on the tradeshow and the industry, these ways of promoting your business can be expensive, which is why we created this post to help you weed out the bad events and find ones that are best for you business.

1. Do Your Research: There are hundreds if not thousands of tradeshows that happen every year. It is important to create a spreadsheet of the ones that are happening in your area as well as across the country (and world if it applies) to know what is out there. From that list you can start weeding out ones that don’t fit within your budget or don’t apply to your industry. However, think outside the box. If you’re an environmental company who participates mostly in green expos with other green businesses, you might also do well at an outdoor adventure tradeshow because most likely your target audience would be active too. Which leads me to my next tip…

2. Know Your Target Audience: Like any kind of marketing, you must know what your perfect client looks like in order to know where they are, what they want to hear and how you could benefit them or their business. Once you know exactly what your perfect client looks like you can start looking at the above list of expos and decide if that person will be at those shows or not. Only spend money on the tradeshows that will benefit your business; whether it is selling to consumers or aligning yourself with new partners, make sure your money is being spent wisely!

3. Plan, Plan, Plan: Once you have decided what your perfect client looks like and have picked the events that work for your business and budget, next you need to plan what you will be promoting at the tradeshow. Pick the appropriate giveaway(s) whether it is the standard logoed pens and key chains or maybe something more valuable like backpacks or apparel that you can do a drawing for. You must have a plan of action for these events. You have targeted eyeballs that you need to convert somehow, what will you do? Get them to sign up for a giveaway, do a drawing, giveaway a free book that is a teaser to your product and/or service, free quotes, etc? Don’t just go to a tradeshow, setup and sit there, you want to walk away with a certain number of leads and sales, plan for them! Also, don’t forget about planning your follow-up strategy. After the tradeshow you need to know what you are going to do with all the business cards/information you collect, who is following up and how. Don’t lose the sale!

4. Have a Post Mortem Meeting: This is a step that is easy to forget to do or not schedule in because we are all so busy, however you must do this to measure results, brainstorm what worked and what didn’t, and decide if you will attend next year.

5. Have Fun! Most importantly, you need to make sure all of the employees that are working the booth(s) are having fun and are friendly and approachable. They are representing your brand and company; make sure they are doing a fantastic job!

For ideas on giveaway items, check out our website,

Corporate Gifts Instead of Cash: The Value of Small Contributions to the Nonprofit Sector

According to, “An Overview of the Nonprofit and Charitable Sector” report drafted in November of 2009, over 1.5 million nonprofits are registered in the U.S., nearly 64 percent of them public charities, nearly 8 percent private foundations, and 29 percent other types of nonprofits. With so many nonprofits in this country, there is a lot of need for funding and services. As our economy starts to repair we’re still seeing a lack in money from both businesses and consumers. Giving is harder now more than ever but the nonprofit sector still needs the support.

One idea to help these organizations is by donating corporate gifts instead of cash. Never underestimate the value of giving, no matter the size of the contribution or the product that is being given. All nonprofits need money and funding, but many of them need other items to help them continue running and promoting their cause. Donating logoed coffee mugs, pens, key chains or t-shirts could help a nonprofit tremendously. They could sell these products at events, give them away as corporate gifts to their investors, volunteers and clients, which will add value to these people, but also help brand their company and spread their logo and message to the world.

Brainstorm ways your company can give to a nonprofit that represents a cause that is in line with your company’s mission and values. If you can’t give cash, is there something else you can donate?

A Letter from a Happy Customer!

Last month we donated some logoed wooden photo frames to the Portage Community Center. Today we got this wonderful letter and photos from them, so we thought we would share them with everyone!

“On behalf of the Portage Community Center and its volunteers, I would like to thank you for your donation of 50 picture frames to the 2010 volunteer recognition dinner.

The volunteer recognition dinner is our way of saying, “Thank You!” to our volunteers. We would not be able to make a difference in this community if it were not for the help of our volunteers. Your frames donation gave us the opportunity to show that our volunteers are special to us. Inside the frame, we placed a picture of the volunteer doing an act of service or at a previous volunteer dinner. If we did not have a picture of them we placed a note in the frame that let them know that we would fill the frame soon. Your donation to this event is sincerely appreciated and well received by its recipient.

“I would have to say that this is the best gift that I have ever received as a volunteer”

“Tell the company that did this that I am very excited about my gift”

“Make sure you get me the contact information for rushIMPRINT. I need to tell my church about them. This is great”

“It is great to see that even company’s outside of Portage show their support to other towns.

What more is there to say, but Thank You again for your generous support of the Portage Community Center, our volunteers, and our mission to make life better! We look forward to hopefully working with you again in the future.”

Thanks for reading!

- Dan

We were voted “BEST NEW MEDIA PROMOTION” by Counselor Magazine!

When you’re launching a new web site, you better come up with something creative to stand out. After all, a new web site on its own simply isn’t news. But how about a web site launch in conjunction with an online promotional video that has nearly 3 million views? now that’s news.That’s exactly what distributor firm Clayton Kendall (asi/162968) did earlier this year when it launched its new web site. To attract attention for the launch of its new business, Clayton Kendall decided to hire two YouTube stars to create and star in the video. The duo used stop-motion technology (also known as stop-action or frame-by-frame), along with 220 individually-printed t-shirts, to show the capabilities that Clayton Kendall had. The video can be seen here: “We wanted to create a video that exemplifed our T-shirt concept, was entertaining and had mass appeal to both a business-to-business and business-to-consumer audience,” says Dan Broudy, vice president of Clayton Kendall. “We hired two YouTube stars and it was their idea to use stop-motion animation and to approach this from a T-shirt battle scenario. it was a fun project.” it was also a project that brought lots of attention in the form of online clicks both to the video and to Clayton Kendall’s new web site. The video shows the two stars battling it out to create the fastest and most creative T-shirt. in a fast-moving video, the two put on and shed a total of 220 individual T-shirts. In all, it’s a professionally produced and compelling video that absolutely fulfiled the goals of this distributorship to increase awareness for a new online business and to sell T-shirts. “We wanted to garner maximum exposure for the new web site,” Broudy says. “within four weeks of posting the video, we had over 2.5 million views. it brought a lot of traffic to our web site, and informed 2.5 million people of our existence. Sales for the T-shirts are going strong, and we have been selling them all over the world. in fact, sales are still coming in for the T-shirts from the video, and we have had many custom T-shirt orders as a result of the video.” – AC

Is there anyone on the planet not using USB Flash Drives?

Flash drives, thumb drives, jump drives – I have no doubt if you have not used one, at the very least you have seen them. BUT… just in case you were living on an unchartered desert isle island with Gilligan and crew, A Flash Drive is a small drive that connects to a computer directly through a USB port. It is both PC and Mac compatible, and gives you a portable way to transfer files between computers.

Our industry is inundated with them. It is THE item to give away. You can preload with a presentation and then give to a client. You can get them in different shapes, combined with a pen,
printed with full color art, printed with individual names, and they are becoming more eco-friendly, being build from more recyclable materials. Now if you really want to get functified… for as low as 250 units, you can order your usb in a CUSTOM SHAPE. The shape of your logo, of a product, you name it. It can be done.

USB’s are also becoming faster. This year they came out with the 3.0 speed, which means faster transfer time (up to 10 times faster). That is thing about technology… just keeps getting faster.

If you have any USB questions or needs… you know the dude to contact. Email me dbroudy at I will hook you up.

Thanks for listening. Have a great weekend.


The FDA bans promotional products to be used by Big Tobacco

First it was the Pharmaceuticals, and now it’s the Tobacco Companies. Tobacco companies will no longer be allowed to distribute branded merchandise under new provisions enacted by the Food and Drug Administration. The ban has already been in place for over ten years in all but four states as a result of a 1998 legal settlement (Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi and Texas had reached separate agreements).

Beginning June 22nd, the ban goes into effect nationwide and covers all tobacco companies and retailers. “The regulations being announced today are designed to prevent our children from becoming the next generation of Americans to die early from tobacco-related illnesses,” said Howard K. Koh, U.S. assistant secretary of health.

The FDA has also created a number of additional advertising restrictions. Tobacco companies are not allowed to provide free samples of cigarettes, offer any type of gift or other item(s) with purchase of tobacco products and cannot be a brand name sponsor for athletic or entertainment events.

A spokesman for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco says that most of the rules announced have already been followed by tobacco companies. Violators may be subject to everything from warning letters to criminal prosecution. The FDA did not have authority to pass such provisions until Congress passed legislation last year, enabling the FDA to regulate tobacco for the first time. In other words, the FDA ain’t playin’ folks.

So what do we do now? Well, if you can’t beat them, join them. It’s a great time to promote QUIT SMOKING campaigns and raise awareness. Design some cool tee-shirts with anti-smoking mantra, chew some gum, get into fitness… as long as you buy it from me, you are at least stepping in the right direction.

Thanks for listening. Have a great day.