Spring is in the Air

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

April is an important month. I’d even go so far as to say it’s one of the most important months of the year, at least in this country. It’s also my favorite. Sure it has its drawbacks; all those April showers promising to bring May flowers, taxes are due and of course there’s spring cleaning. But April also has great holidays like April Fool’s Day, Passover and Easter. It also marks the beginning of daylight savings time, everybody comes down with Spring Fever and, the number one reason I love April, baseball season officially begins.

I admit, I’m not a sports nut. I don’t know the stats of every player in the major league, I don’t watch Sports Center and I was usually picked last for the team in high school. Except when Joe “Stinky” Callus was there and then I was picked second to last. Baseball is different though. I don’t watch much on TV but I love going to the games. There is something about getting the family together, heading to the stadium in the fresh air and seeing that baseball diamond. The smell of hotdogs, peanuts and almost stale beer permeates the air and the crack of the bat and roar of the crowd gets my blood pumping. I guess it reminds me of my youth and going to games with my Dad. He taught me about the game and what it means to be a fan. I’ll never forget the first time I went to a game with my dad. I don’t remember who won the game, or who was playing for that matter. What I do remember is walking in to the stadium and being handed a giant foam bat that said Dodger Stadium Fan Appreciation Day in big blue letters. I think it was the first promotional item I ever received on my own. It was truly a special moment and even though I’ve collected dozens of t-shirts, commemorative rulers, baseballs and butt pillows over the years, it’s still a thrill.

Today’s offering from Rush Imprint combines two of my favorite things, baseball and marketing. The Baseball Falling Water Timer is practical, whimsical and an excellent way to be remembered by a new client or an old customer. In fact, I am pitching it (pun intended) to my son’s peewee league for their annual giveaway.

Well I’ve got to run, it’s fan appreciation day and there is a rumor that the home team is giving away branded croc sandals to the first 300 people through the gates. Remember, “If it’s worth giving away, it’s worth putting your name on.”

Taxing Matters

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

I owe, I owe
So it’s off to work I go
I owe, I owe
So it’s off to work I go
I owe, I owe, I owe, I owe, I owe, I owe!

My dad used to sing that little ditty in the car at the top of his lungs as he dropped us kids off at school on his way to work. Dad isn’t a particularly gifted singer but what he lacked in harmony, he made up for in enthusiasm. His parody of the Heigh-Ho song from “Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs” was one of his favorites so he sang it a lot. I’m convinced that song was one of the main reasons my brothers and sisters and I are all card carrying workaholics but that’s another story. Most days I didn’t mind the singing but it was always kind of embarrassing when he sang on carpool day when Timmy Stringer was riding with us. Not only did he sing loudly and off key, but Timmy’s dad didn’t work at all so my dad would usually find himself mid song when he’d remember Timmy was in the car. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, or cause little Tim to ask a bunch of awkward questions, Dad would start making up weird lyrics about food stamps and unemployment insurance, which would lead to lots of eye rolling in the back seat and a punch in the arm from Timmy.

I found myself humming that almost forgotten tune from my youth today for a slightly different reason. I received a rather unsavory surprise in the form of a phone call from my accountant; I owe a bundle in taxes. I made quite a bit more money last year than in previous years (my book is selling like hotcakes) and that extra income means that the Feds want a bigger piece of my pie. Mind you, I’m not complainging about having a profitable year but like most people; parting with my hard earned cash hurts. As I drove to my accountant’s office to pick up my tax documents, I found myself humming, and then singing the “I owe” song at the top of my lungs and I have to admit, it made me smile.

I decided to look on the bright side and turn my loss into a win and convinced my accountant to order 300 Dollar Sign Stress Relievers to hand out next tax season. Forking over bundles of cash has a way of making even the most Zen person a little testy so a little stress relief is in order. He thinks it’s a humorous ways to get new business and remind his clients that hiring a good accountant is the best stress relief money can buy. Personally, I prefer a massage or a Caribbean vacation but a good chuckle works well in a pinch. While it’s true that we can’t escape paying taxes, we can at least have a bit of fun and remember that it beats the other thing we can’t avoid.

The good news is Uncle Sam gave everyone an extra day so you have until April 17th to mail in your forms. I don’t know about you but I’m not taking any chances and am heading to the post office now. With any luck, I’ll get in just before midnight.

Can The Satin Stainless Knife Make You A Hero?

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

As regular readers are well aware, I’m something of a television addict and my current favorite addiction, “Heroes,” is on hiatus. It’s been gone for weeks now and is not scheduled to return until April 23rd. I’m counting the days. For those who are unfamiliar with the best show on TV, it’s about regular people who wake up and discover that they possess mysterious new powers. The show follows them as they struggle with their transformation into real life super heroes. Of course there is a villain or two but for me, the real drama is watching how regular people handle their newfound strengths. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m obsessed.

I think part of my obsession is the idea that anyone could wake up one day with special powers. I guess some part of me is still that kid, hiding under my covers with a flashlight after lights out, reading comic books and dreaming of flying like Superman or clinging to walls like Spidey. As I kid, I’d have loved to be able to fly at supersonic speeds but these days, I prefer Business class. I also wished for X-ray vision, especially around Christmas time when I would try to see through the piles of tightly wrapped packages under the tree. As an adult, I realize that some things are better left unseen, like my wife’s closet. If I got to choose one power to possess, I’d like to see the future. Just think if the good I could do! I’d be able to look ahead and see new marketing trends and find out which promotional items were going to be hot months, or even years, ahead of anyone else.

I think deep inside, everyone wishes he (or she) could be a superhero. Who wouldn’t want Batman’s utility belt? For those of us who live in the real world, Rush Imprint offers the next best thing. The Satin Stainless #12 Knife was created to successfully tackle virtually any task. It has 12 different functions including a standard knife blade, nail file, scissors, awl, fish scaler, saw, and phillips/slotted screwdrivers all contained in a stainless steel body with plenty of room for your company logo or promotional message. It’s a promotional give away that is guaranteed to make a hero out of you, at least as far as your clients are concerned.

Well, I’m off to Stockton to make an appearance at the World Deep-Fried Asparagus Eating Championship. I don’t care for asparagus but they are giving away limited addition promotional plates so I plan to get there early. Until next time, I leave you with the words of another great writer, Ernest Hemingway, “As you get older, it is harder to have heroes, but it is sort of necessary.” If you don’t have one, be one.

Give The Kids Promotional Toys This Easter

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Easter Sunday is coming up and Mrs. Winston is excited. Not only does she get to try out her new glazed ham recipe but she is also in charge of our neighborhood’s annual Easter egg hunt. She has been plotting all week, poring over maps of our neighborhood to find the best hiding places. I volunteered to dress up as the Easter Bunny or more precisely, my wife volunteered on my behalf, so I’m looking forward to Easter with a bit less enthusiasm. Especially since it’s supposed to be a warm day. Trust me, sweating inside a rented bunny costume while seven year olds stomp on your paws is not the most relaxing way to spend a Sunday.

The annual Easter egg hunt is a pretty big deal in our neck of the woods. The Winston household had been in high gear all week; egg decorating is serious business. I haven’t been able to enter the kitchen since Tuesday. My wife is not normally competitive but ever since Mrs. Cole declared herself the Queen of the egg hunt, whatever that is, my wife has been on a tear to dethrone the self-anointed royalty. She’s out for blood which is actually kind of scary, and somewhat exciting. I don’t know the whole story, but it has something to do with a rumor about Mrs. Cole making her nanny and housekeeper hide eggs all night, which apparently constitutes cheating. Personally, I don’t like to get involved with neighborhood politics but it’s important to Mrs. Winston so I feel a matrimonial duty to help her make the day a success.

To that end, I am providing all the kids with Whistle Key-Lights With Compasses. Truth be told, they probably won’t need a compass to find the eggs but I am fairly certain the whistles will be a big hit with the under eight set. Naturally the give-aways are branded because I can’t help but seize an opportunity to promote, it’s who I am. I suggest you take every opportunity to do the same; even it involves dressing like a rabbit and hopping around for the better part of the weekend.

Happy Easter and remember, “a little competition never hurt anyone” unless they happened to be wearing a bunny suit during a heat wave.

The Audience is Listening

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

I am a film fanatic so, as you can imagine, I go to the movies a lot. I like them all–action, indie, comedy, and even foreign art films with barely comprehensible storylines and subtitles so small I have to sit in the third row to have even the smallest chance of understanding the plot. I’ll even cop to enjoying a light-hearted romantic comedy, musical or, dare I say it, chick flick. What I do not like is hearing what other people think of the movie I am watching while I’m watching it. My all time number one pet peeve, and I’ll admit to having quite a few, is people talking at the movie theatre.

Ever since Blockbuster came on the scene, every yahoo and his mother thinks that he (or she) is a movie critic. These insensitive moviegoers insist on calling the action for everyone around them to hear. Or worse, they repeat jokes they heard moments ago because apparently they think their delivery is funnier than Will Ferrell’s. Perhaps the most egregious incident occurred during a matinee of “Happy Feet” when a cell phone began to ring during a particularly touching dance sequence. Once would expect the embarrassed party to quickly turn it off and sink in their seat but instead, the man answered his phone and began to have an actual conversation! I was so stunned I couldn’t even react but fortunately a caffeine-fueled nanny was there to put him in his place.

It’s not like I don’t take precautions; I have a whole action plan for avoiding movie talkers. To begin with, I arrive during previews to scout my talk free zone. Arriving earlier is pointless as the mere act of taking a seat practically guarantees attracting a loud mouth. Its import to avoid the middle section altogether and go for the sides, preferably an aisle to allow for maximum maneuverability in the event a quick seat change is required. Equally important is the choice of movie companion. Most of my friends and my entire family know of my peeve so they know that talking is out of the question. I only run into trouble when going to the movies with a “new” person so I carefully prescreen them because he only thing worse than sitting next to a talker is sitting next to a talker you know because not only is it annoying but it severely limits ones ability to shush strangers. You lose all credibility.

Sometimes all of my precautions fail to shield me and I am forced into action by a fellow movie patron who thinks he or she is sitting at home watching a DVD and that someone actually cares about what they have to say. When accosted by a distracting voice, I first employ the turn and glare method, attempting to silently but sternly warn the offender that they are on notice. If that doesn’t work, I move to the “shusssh!” If they persist, I then move to the somewhat annoying, but highly effective, verbal warning. I turn to the person in question and in a normal to loud tone of voice say “Can you please stop talking.” This public shaming usually does the trick but I admit to having had to resort to telling the authorities to intervene. Unfortunately the authority is usually a sixteen-year-old kid and usually causes more of a commotion than it’s worth. I am ashamed to admit it but I have, on three occasions, also tossed popcorn at the back of a talker’s head. I don’t recommend you try this as it usually results in threats and name-calling but if you do, the Caramel Popcorn Filled Bag from Rush Imprint sure comes in handy. It’s filled to the brim with delicious caramel coated popcorn, which is much better for eating than for throwing, and comes packaged in a clear or opaque bag with plenty of room for a company logo or important message. I once bought two hundred of them with the message “Shut up and eat!” to pass out at my local multiplex. It was quite effective but the theatre didn’t appreciate me handing out free snacks.

Well, I’m off to catch the 5pm showing of “Blades of Glory.” Remember, “The audience is listening…so shut up and watch the movie!”

Fear of Flying

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Like many people, I used to have an unhealthy fear of flying. I don’t mean I was a little nervous about taking to the skies; I mean I was a certified white-knuckle flier. Since my business requires me to fly almost 100,000 miles a year, my fear was becoming an increasingly difficult issue. My wife thinks it was my repeated viewings of “Airport 77”, “Alive” and “Snakes on a Plane” that turned me into a scaredy cat but whatever the reason, one thing was clear, I had to get the problem under control. I tried everything from therapy to hypnotism and was about to resign myself to traveling by rail when I happened upon a little blue book called, “Ask the Pilot” by Patrick Smith, whom I heartily thank for curing me of my phobia.

Being a man of many words myself, my fears were calmed by the 269 pages dedicated to answering all my questions (and many I hadn’t yet thought of) about aviation safety. For some reason, seeing it in print really hit home for me and after reading the book three times, insomnia has its perks, and vowing to never watch another movie about planes crashing or being overrun by giant snakes again, I am proud to report I am flying phobia free.

Since I know at least a few of you share my former pain, I’d like to take this opportunity to allay some of your flying fears. As I’m sure you know, “they” say that take off is the most dangerous part of flying and after reading Mr. Smith’s book I found out that “they” are right. I also learned that, while not ideal, a plane could still take off and climb to safety while experiencing total engine failure. So, while it’s okay to say Hail Mary’s during take off, it’s good to know that you probably don’t need to. The other thing I learned was that turbulence is just a fancy word for wind and that wind, or turbulence, won’t cause a plane to crash, flip or otherwise plummet from the sky. In fact, rough air is such a non-issue to pilots; they rarely remember whether or not a flight was bumpy. So, although you can, you don’t really need to order that third drink when your flight hits a rough patch. I still have a tendency to stare at flight attendants to make sure they seem calm but at least I’ve stopped grabbing my seatmate’s arm after every bump.

To celebrate my personal triumph, the featured product of the day is the Aviator Identification Tag. It has a large ID window for business or identification cards, making it easy to spot your bag on an airport baggage carousel. The generous imprint area also insures that weary travelers everywhere will see your logo as the luggage it is attached to circles the carousel for the tenth time. It’s the perfect anytime promotional giveaway, because everyone knows that the only thing worse than flying is losing your luggage in Duluth.

I’m off to New York to see the biggest stained glass window in the world; remarkably it is located at American Airlines Terminal 8 at JFK. In the meantime, try and forget the words of Winston Churchill who said, I must place on record my regret that the human race ever learned to fly.”

Frequent Flyer

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

As a frequent flier, I was a bit taken aback by the following headline, “Man Relieves Himself in Air-Sickness Bag.” As if being crammed in to impossibly small seats, having to watch bad movies on a screen the size of postage stamp and getting stuck next to overly chatty seatmates who feel the need to unload the sordid yet still boring details of their past even though you are clearly reading a book weren’t enough to deal with.

The man in question was one Mr. James Whipple who, after having had “two really big beers” at the Boise Airport, was told he couldn’t use the cabin restroom because a light wasn’t working. Finding his bladder wouldn’t wait, Mr. Whipple used an air-sickness bag to take care of business. None of his fellow passengers noticed but one eagle-eyed flight attendant did see him and promptly reported the infraction to the captain who then alerted the Airport Police. Upon arrival in Salt Lake City, Mr. Whipple was detained for questioning before being let go and sent home in a taxi.

After I got over my initial shock at the pure silliness of it all, his name is Mr. Whipple, as in “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin,” I had to applaud the man for his ingenuity. Given the circumstances, I’m not sure I’d have come up with such an innovative solution. He’s the MacGyver of the skies. I’ll bet he could make a garment bag out of an airline blanket and some dental floss if he was in a tight spot. Since most people aren’t quite as crafty, the Excel Utility Kit makes a great gift for anyone who clocks serious travel miles. Place your corporate logo on this travel organizer and be seen everywhere. This good-looking survival kit can be used for storing all of those last minute necessities and toiletries in the gusseted elastic pockets. It features a front zippered mesh pocket; a nice top handle for easy carrying and a rear handle for hanging in the closet. And if you’re in a pinch, the travel bottles can double as—never mind.

Well, I’m off to the races, literally. The racetrack is giving away promotional horseshoes and I need two more to complete my collection. By the way, Mr. Whipple’s story had a happy ending; the airline sent him a letter of apology and a travel voucher.

Tax Break

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Today is March 21st, the longest day of the year. It’s also the time of year when accountants, CPAs and do it yourselfers everywhere kick it into high gear. That’s right fellow citizens, its tax season. With the filing deadline less than one month away its time to pull your head out of the sand and get busy. I don’t mean to be a downer but I feel a responsibility to support my readers in all of their endeavors. After all, marketing is pretty much pointless if your financial situation is in disarray. Naturally, I have found a way to combine the two.

Many people find themselves stressed to the max, rushing home to go through receipts they collected in shoeboxes, searching for W-2 forms that got mixed up in the junk mail and making last minute contributions to their IRAs in a desperate attempt to save money. Their minds are swirling with numbers and their hearts are filled with anxiety, hardly an ideal time to promote yourself, your company or your new product. Your clients and future customers heads are too full to absorb a new idea, unless you find a creative way in.

Acknowledge their current state of mind and offer a bit of relief at the same time. The Flying Cow Piggy Bank offers your customers what they need most, a good laugh. Since it’s also a real bank, it is practical too. Slap you logo on the back of this cute cow and you will be thought of every time the pennies, nickels and dimes are deposited. (I didn’t forget the quarters; everybody knows those are for laundry and parking meters.) Your company will be simultaneously associated with savings and smiles, which is an unbeatable combination.

Which reminds me, I’m off to audition for the second season of American Inventor. Obviously I can’t tell you about my product yet but look for me on TV, I’m a shoo-in*.

Spring Cleaning

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

To most people, March Madness is the name for the NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Championship but in the Winston household it means something a little different. March is the traditional beginning of spring and that means that Mrs. Winston kicks into gear and begins the process of spring-cleaning. Incidentally, the origin of spring-cleaning dates back to the Persian New Year, which falls on the first day of spring when Iranians practice “khooneh takouni” which literally means, “shaking the house” just before the New Year.

The whole process takes weeks. My wife practically turns the house upside down in an effort to sanitize, kill dust bunnies and banish every speck of dirt from the homestead. I wouldn’t mind so much if she didn’t get the whole family involved. The kids are in charge of their own rooms and our eldest is also charged with helping her mother clean out all the closets. She’s not happy about it but my wife promised her first dibs at her vintage Manolos so she reluctantly agreed. I think “Manolo” is Italian for over priced shoes but I’d have to look it up to be certain; my Italian is a little rusty. Our youngest son is in charge of cleaning the hamster cage and our older son gets to help me clean out the garage. Neither of us is thrilled but frankly Mrs. Winston gets so riled up about dirt that it’s just not worth fighting about. Plus, I don’t really like sleeping on the couch.

I also have to clean out my home office and our featured item today makes at least part of that job much easier. I love it so much that I gave one to each of my children just so they wouldn’t “borrow” mine. Rush Imprint’s Computer Cleaning Set includes a carrying case, computer vacuum with two attachments, CD cleaner and monitor cleaner so that you can rid your PC or laptop of crumbs, smears and other debris.

I’m off to teach my patented Marketing For Dummies seminar at the Learning Annex. I hope your spring cleaning isn’t half as intense as mine but if it is remember, “cleanliness is next to godliness but getting dirty is twice the fun.”

St. Patrick’s Day

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Regular readers know that I am not only a logophile but also something of a fact junkie. My wife has another name for me but I won’t get into that now. In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day and Mrs. Winston’s Irish heritage (her great grandfather on her mother’s side was 1/16 Irish), I thought it would be fun to explore some little known facts about all things Irish.

• St. Patrick’s given name was Maewyn.

• Irish women received the right to vote before American women.

• The Irish alphabet has only 18 letters. J, K, Q, V, W, X, Y and Z are not used.

• Four Irish writers have won the Nobel Prize for Literature, G. Shaw, W. B. Yeats, Samuel Beckett and Seamus Heaney.

• A horse is featured on the Irish 20-pence coin.

• Blue is Ireland’s official color.

• The first U.S. celebration of St. Patrick’s Day took place in Boston in 1737.

• St. Patrick is the patron saint of fishermen.

• St. Patrick’s Day is a legal holiday in Briarwood Beech, Ohio, and USA.

I hope that was as fun for you as it was for me. I just love interesting yet not particularly useful facts! I also love a theme, so today’s offering is a 10 Oz. Irish Coffee, as in mug, not liquor laced java. It is perfect for enjoying either the traditional Irish beverage from which it derives its name or just plain ole coffee. It’s a great gift for all your clients, whether it’s given during Irish Appreciation Month or anytime of year. The only thing that makes this stylish mug more appealing is, you guessed it, your name.

Mrs. Winston has decided to make a traditional Irish dinner of bacon joint, champ and curly kale so I’m off to the drug store to stock up on Tums. I leave you with a traditional Irish blessing:

May your feet never sweat,
Your neighbor give you ne’re a treat.
When flowers bloom, I hope you’ll not sneeze,
And may you always have someone to squeeze!