Lip Balm…..Who Knew?

Every pocket, every handbag, every dresser, or every bathroom in the United States probably has a stash of lip balms. So popular are lip balms, in fact, that brands like ‘Lotta Luv’ has sold more than 30 million of these products during the past two years, and the brand ‘Leashables’ ships out about 1.5 million […]

PDAs versus paper folios

I thought I was the most technologically-backward person this side of the country, until I read this: Most people still prefer traditional paper folios to personal digital assistants (PDAs). And it makes sense, really. Many carry phone numbers in their cell phone, and therefore do not need electronic organizers to do that for them. Most […]

This thing about brands

Aspiring for a new identity is much easier than actually creating one. That is especially true for smaller businesses, I think. But when an unknown business name is seen alongside a well-established logo, the tides change. That is the miracle of branding. This is we carry (and expand our line of) ‘branded’ promotional products, especially […]

Promo items for a dry cleaning business?

A study shows that new customers of dry cleaning shops who received promotional products spent 27 percent more than customers who just received coupons, and a whopping 139 percent more than those who just received plain vanilla ‘welcome letters.’I guess the tides are changing even for the ‘repression-proof’ dry cleaning industry. It has become very […]

Cupid’s stress reliever

February 14 is fast approaching and we expect more orders for Valentine’s Day-related items, such as our best-seller, the Valentine Heart Stress Reliever. It’s a nifty little gift item that I personally like because it looks great and is very functional. You squeeze it to relieve stress and therefore promote your heart’s health. And if that’s […]