Custom Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

Custom infuser water bottles allow the user to add a bit of fruity flavor to their water while on the go. Infuser water bottles are growing in popularity due to their simplicity and effectiveness, so jump on the bandwagon and create your own with rushIMPRINT. Choose from a few different sizes and upload your logo or insignia for a personalized fruit infuser water bottle.


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What Is an Infuser Water Bottle?

Fruit infuser water bottles are specially designed containers that allow you to infuse water with natural flavors. In the main chamber of your branded fruit infuser, you can insert pieces of your chosen fruits, allowing their flavors to mix with the water. A custom fruit infuser water bottle can add a burst of refreshing taste to your water without the need for artificial additives or sweeteners.


Outdoors and at the Gym

Take your custom fruit infuser water bottle with you everywhere to promote your business as you work out. If people are bringing your custom infuser water bottles with them, they’ll serve as free advertisements. Other runners, gym-goers, and people in the same workout class may notice the custom logo, increasing brand visibility.


Water Bottle Giveaways

Like all branded merchandise, setting up giveaways for your personalized fruit infuser water bottles is a great way to promote your business. Use your water bottles as giveaways or prizes in social media contests, events, or promotional campaigns to create excitement and engage your audience. You can also send branded fruit infusers to your customers as a token of your appreciation.

Fruit Infusers for Everyone

Most people create branded infuser water bottles with the intention of promoting their business, but that isn’t a requirement. You can order personalized water bottles with any design you want. Feel free to create a fruit infuser for a large group Christmas gift, a birthday party, or anything in between. Contact rushIMPRINT today and we’ll help you get started.