Custom Water Bottles

Did you know the human body is made up of approximately 60% water -- and most people don’t get nearly enough. Luckily, you can help your guests and clients hydrate with custom water bottles! It’s time to start boosting your brand with personalized water bottles in bulk from rushIMPRINT. Our great selection of products spans the gamut from sturdy, custom aluminum water bottles to eco-friendly, lightweight collapsible bottles. Start exploring countless varieties of custom plastic water bottles and custom metal water bottles and order in bulk today.

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Order Water Bottles Fast!

Stock up on custom metal water bottles in bulk for your brand’s next event and make networking easy. Our team can custom print some water bottles in one day or less, hastening the entire process. If you want to make your own water bottles fast, just let us know and our team will direct you towards some of our products that can be imprinted right away. 


Make Your Brand Memorable

Always handy, personalized water bottles are a great tool to present your company’s brand, logo, or promotional message in a fun, creative fashion. rushIMPRINT wants to make your next corporate event memorable. Our amazing selection of personalized water bottles is sure to have the best item to handout at your next conference! Keep your brand fresh in the minds of clients as you refresh them with custom bottles.


Custom Water Bottles for the Environment

Distributing reusable, personalized water bottles is an eco-friendly solution that will reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles. Single use water bottles fill up landfills and will ultimately increase someone’s carbon footprint. Promotional plastic bottles will also reduce outdoor waste when someone is biking or hiking. By handing out your own custom water bottles in bulk, you can promote sustainability while also promoting your brand.


Create Your Own

Want to create a unique and striking set of personalized water bottles in bulk? Work with our team and find the best way to promote your brand with custom plastic water bottles and custom metal water bottles!



Create the perfect branded gift basket with personalized water bottles, accessories, and more from rushIMPRINT! Call or contact us via email and our team will help create the perfect logo on water bottle design! Ready to go? You can also upload your design and order online now. Why wait? rushIMPRINT it!

Custom Water Bottles FAQ

How much water will my custom water bottles hold?

The liquid capacity of our custom printed water bottles will vary from product to product, but most are between 20 and 30 ounces. On the lower end, there are a few custom water bottles that have a capacity of 16 or even 12 ounces. Some of our larger bottles can carry 32 ounces or more. For each bottle, you’ll be able to see their size before checkout.

What materials are used for these personalized water bottles?

When you order branded water bottles in bulk from rushIMPRINT, you’ll have a good selection of products to choose from. Some of our more premium bottles are made of stainless steel, while custom squeeze water bottles are available for a lower price. These custom plastic and metal water bottles will all vary in price.

How many water bottles can I buy at once?

There is no limit to the number of custom water bottles that you can add to your order. Each bottle has a minimum order size associated with it, but aside from that, you can order any number. In fact, when you order personalized water bottles in bulk at rushIMPRINT, increasing the order volume will decrease your cost per bottle.

How long does it take to receive my order of personalized water bottles?

At rushIMPRINT, we’re all about speed. Once you submit your order, many custom water bottle orders can be completed in less than a week. Once we get your logo on water bottles, we’ll ship them out right away. We also offer a number of products that are “Rush Available,” meaning that our team can complete the imprinting process in 2 days or less before shipping them to you.

Can I order multiple sets of custom water bottles at once?

You can order any number of products from rushIMPRINT as you’d like, even multiple sets of personalized water bottles. If you’re ordering custom water bottles for events, consider bringing a few different colors or designs. Mind that our personalized water bottles in bulk have a minimum order size, but once those are met, you can add any number of water bottle styles to your order.

What kinds of personalized water bottles are available?

We offer over 100 different styles of personalized water bottles for you to customize with your logo or design. We have dozens of different sports bottles that can be squeezed for a quick drink. We also have hard plastic bottles with straws, metal bottles that keep your drink cool for longer, and even bottles with built in infusers. Browse our inventory to find the perfect fit.

Can I put hot liquids in my personalized water bottles?

Some of our metal water bottles are insulated for hot liquids like coffee and tea in addition to water. However, if you’d like to order a custom beverage container specifically for coffee, we encourage you to also look at our vacuum insulated drinkware.

Where will you print my logo on my water bottles?

Most of the time, we’ll put your logo front and center onto the side of the bottle. When you start designing your own water bottles, you’ll be prompted to choose where your logo is added. If you’d like to put your logo on both sides of the bottles, reach out to our team!