Custom Visors

Protect yourself from the sun while showing off your brand with a custom visor from rushIMPRINT. We offer a wide variety of colorful, custom sun vizors that will block out the sun while promoting your company’s logo to everyone. Some of our personalized visors cost less than $3 each, so you’ll be able to order enough for everybody!

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The Perfect Summer Attire

Create an entire branded outfit to accompany your custom sun visors. People will probably wear your personalized visors in the summer, so try to offer some other summer attire with your logo. Just about everyone wears custom short sleeve shirts during the summer, so be sure to customize a few of your own. If you want to further protect your customers from the sun, then consider throwing in some custom sunglasses as well.

Outdoor Work Attire

Do you have a team of workers at an outdoor vending station? A food truck? Make sure that they have a fully functional outdoor uniform including a personalized visor with your logo. If they’re serving food or drinks, make sure that they have a custom apron. Furthermore, a custom polo shirt is great to wear underneath.

Your Brand in the Sun

Are you heading to an outdoor convention or fundraiser? Then you’ll want to bring along enough custom visors to give away. People will of course want to protect themselves from the heat, so a custom sun visor with your logo will be much appreciated by all. Pretty soon, you’ll have dozens of people walking around with your personalized vizors, essentially promoting your brand wherever they go.


For all of your custom apparel needs, rushIMPRINT is the best team to have at your back. We’re happy to help you with designs for your gear, so feel free to contact us and take advantage of our in-house design team for free. When you’re ready to place an order of custom visors, find the style you like and get started. Don’t wait. rushIMPTINT it!

Custom Visors FAQ

How do you embroider visors?

At rushIMPRINT, we make the process of creating embroidered visors easy! Simply select your preferred style of custom embroidered visor, pick a color and quantity, enter your zip code, and click “customize.” From there, you can either upload or design a logo.

What is the point of embroidered visors?

Embroidered visors keep the sun out of your eyes and face while allowing you to keep cool. Since your head isn’t fully covered, it can breathe, allowing your body’s heat to dissipate. Embroidered visors are great for outdoor events, on the golf course, or at the beach!

Do embroidered visors keep you cooler than embroidered hats?

Yes, embroidered visors can keep you cooler than embroidered hats. Since embroidered visors offer an open top, this allows for more breathability, which in turn makes wearers feel cooler. Athletes and people who love to play outdoor sports often swear by the breathability of custom embroidered visors.

Does an embroidered golf visor go over or under hair?

People often choose to wear their embroidered golf visors over their hair, so it can help hold their hair in place while playing. It’s recommended to style or part your hair before putting on your embroidered visor.

Is there a minimum order for embroidered visors?

Yes, most of our embroidered visors start at a minimum of 6 units per order. Our Port & Company Fashion Visors, however, have a minimum of 24 embroidered visors per order.

How do you wash embroidered visors?

Different types of embroidered visors will have different care instructions. For minor stains or spots, we recommend creating a solution with warm water and mild detergent and applying it to the stain. Gently scrub the stain and let the embroidered visor air dry. For full washes, many embroidered sun visors can be machine-washed in cold water on delicate cycle. It is advisable to air dry afterward.