Custom Windbreakers & Rain Jackets

Custom windbreakers and rain jackets are perfect for staying warm and dry when the weather starts to turn. Personalize them with a logo or quotation of your choice and add some color as a finishing touch. Shop for your set of custom windbreaker jackets and custom raincoats today.

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Protect Your Team From the Rain

Custom windbreakers and rain jackets are must-haves for employees that work in harsh conditions. If your team is often outdoors through the rain and snow, they’ll need something to keep them warm and dry. Among our dozens of windbreakers and rain jackets, we also supply a few custom rain ponchos that work to the same effect.

Types of Custom Rain Jackets

rushIMPRINT offers dozens of different types of custom windbreakers and rain jackets, each made with their own set of materials with different qualities. For starters, you’ll find plenty of water resistant and waterproof custom raincoats. You’ll also find insulated custom windbreaker jackets to keep you even warmer, and even reflective items to make you more visible in the rain.


Cover Your Clients

Are you hosting an outdoor event for your business? It’s always good to be prepared for the weather with custom rain jackets. Whether it’s a concert, sporting event, or outdoor speaker, custom raincoats will keep people dry, allowing them to enjoy the festivities longer. Also consider shopping for custom umbrellas for similar scenarios.

rushIMPRINT for Fast Branding

Our team at rushIMPRINT is committed to delivering high quality custom apparel and other pieces of branded gear at lightning-fast speeds. Most items are imprinted in three days or less before they’re sent out. If you’re interested in items that can be customized in a single day, be sure to take a look at our Rush Items. If you want to learn more about what makes rushIMPRINT so great, contact our office today!


Custom Windbreakers & Rain Jackets FAQ

Are embroidered windbreakers waterproof?

Typically, no. Our embroidered windbreakers offer some resistance to the elements, primarily from wind, but they won’t hold up against heavy rain. 

How do you wash an embroidered windbreaker?

Each embroidered windbreaker should include care instructions on its tag. However, we recommend turning your embroidered windbreaker inside out, putting it in a mesh laundry bag, and machine-washing on a cold, delicate cycle. For best results, let it hang dry afterward.

Are embroidered rain jackets windproof?

Yes, most embroidered rain jackets offer protection from the elements, including both rain and wind. The materials in our custom embroidered rain jackets make it harder for the wind to chill you.

Is there a minimum order for embroidered rain jackets and windbreakers?

Yes, we offer many embroidered windbreakers and rain jackets that start at minimum orders of 6 units. Some of our options have minimums of 12 units per order. 

What materials are embroidered rain jackets made out of?

This greatly depends on the style and brand of embroidered rain jacket. Each option will detail the materials it’s made from, but generally speaking, we have embroidered rain jacket options made with polyester and include a mesh lining with nylon accents.

How do you embroider a windbreaker?

We make our process of embroidering windbreaker jackets easy! Simply select your preferred style of windbreaker, choose a color and a quantity, enter your zip code, and click “customize.” This should take you to our design tool where you can upload your corporate logo or create a new one!