So I just read that Coca-Cola is finding inventive ways to beat Red Bull in the energy drink market. Maybe they should do what they did in 1996 – give t-shirts away.

That’s right. In 1996, Coca-Cola managed to make POWERaDE the top energy drink by giving away POWERaDE t-shirts to all the athletes in the Olympic Games – athletes who wore them so often they practically became walking billboards. Because of this marketing move, POWERaDE climbed from ‘new brand’ to ‘the brand’ overnight. Coca-Cola also gave away POWERaDE caps and backpacks, drinking bottles, and other sports-related promotional items to these athletes, who were more than happy to use them. Kaching!

Paper freak

I like free stuff. Even after years of working with promotional products, I still never get tired of getting useful things free of charge, like the folio my neighbor gave me this morning. I know it is 25 days too late (folios are usually given out during New Year), but I looove it still. The smell of new paper, the feel new leatherette – it makes me inexplicably happy.

I have friends who prefer electronic organizers, but to me, there’s nothing like jotting down groceries, upcoming bills, to-do’s, and phone numbers on real, honest-to-goodness paper. This way I always find what I need when I need it, and never have to deal with corrupted electronic data or incompatible synchronizations (talk about technostress!).

Now excuse me while I write things down.

- Jen