So, let’s imagine that the client to receive that gift from the last story was not that high priority and something low-cost would also be fine. Let’s see what we can do if we decide on key tags.

Most people that would receive a key tag as a promotional item would already have some key tag, which means that the one you give has to do something special. It needs to do more than just look nice and carry a logo on it in order to replace the one they have. Something functional. A key tag with a built in light or bottle opener is not an uncommon thing, but one of the key tags we have in the catalog has really impressed me and it solves a nagging problem.

SEPARATOR KEY HOLDERThe problem was: if I count all the keys that I have to use during the week, the number will be close to a couple of dozens, which means it’s impossible to keep them all in one pocket. And even if I carry a bag with me I do prefer to keep the most important things in my pockets. I feel more secure this way, I can always be sure I have not lost my wallet, my keys and my cell phone. And there are never enough pockets for everything I need, no matter what I wear. As a result, I was always worrying whether I had my home keys with me when I was in the office, my office keys when I was driving somewhere and my car keys when I was at home. And then it comes to digging in my bag for the set of keys I need at the moment if I do put them in a bag… argh!

Bottle Opener Key ChainThen I found this separator key holder and life became much easier. I have a couple of them connected to each set of my keys and connect all the keys together when I put them in a bag. Or disconnect the necessary keys from the rest and put them in my pocket. I’ve saved a ton of time that was spending on searching for the keys. To say nothing about the nerves that are not strained any more.

And I do have one key tag with bottle opener, just for the everlasting love I have for its color.