Today’s client was a representative of a bookstore. They are getting close to an anniversary of running their business and wanted something to give to their best customers as a thank you for staying with them during all these years. And of course they wanted something somehow connected with books. Bookmarks? They are giving away bookmarks with their logos all the time and of course they had a special anniversary design. Thus, they wanted something more lasting, because a bookmark is quite an easy thing to loose.

Robot Series Book LightHere is what we finally chose: a book light. This is not the only design that we have, but they liked this one because of its modern look. And this model also weights less than any other in our catalog. Looks perfect for reading at night when you do not want to disturb people around you both at home and while traveling.

What surprised me is that this bookstore seems to be doing surprisingly well regardless of the decline of book sales that is reported everywhere. And even all these people downloading books and reading them on their PDAs has not hurt book sales for this shop. May be some part of their success is due to their wise use of promotional items?