Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Alright, I’m going to flip flop a little from my last post. The only thing cooler than an Etch-A-Sketch, would be an Etch-A-Sketch satellite system, complete with laser gun, infrared scope and rappelling rope. Yes, I still passionately love low tech and stupid, but, at the end of the day, there is nothing better than cool. I think half of America would agree with me, even if it is the half that, as my wife would say, “doesn’t know better.”

In fact, I’m proud to say I’ve seen every James Bond every movie ever made and, the truth is, if I wasn’t in the promotional product business, I’d probably be an agent myself. My family gets embarrassed when I say that out loud (as if saving the world was a bad thing), but I don’t care what the world thinks. Agents have always been misunderstood. And, besides, I don’t squash their dreams, do I? Even when my wife says that one-day she wants to cook a pasta dish that people will like. As if that’s going to happen.

I admit it…I have the spy bug. I like things fast and dangerous, with lots of cool looking gadgets, starting with the USB 1.1 Memory Pen & Laser Pointer. Yes, it’s a pen. Yes, it’s a pointer. But, open it up and it’s a USB 128MB jump drive for putting every secret document you ever had, or at least your grocery list. It comes in a cool case and would make any gadget lover weep—man or woman. And, oh yes, women love gadgets, too. And I think it’s high time woman come out of the closet and admit it. Go ahead say it out loud, “I am woman…and I love gadgets, too.” Feel better.

This pen combo is a great promotional gift for anyone looking for a little spice in their life. Go ahead; give it a try. Let it bring out your inner spy.

As Jack Bauer from “24” says, “I got to go.” My son’s kite fell into the neighbors yard…and my wife says, “I’m going in.” Until next time, wish me luck.