Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and with the arrival of the first summer holiday comes the promise of long days at the pool, trips to the shore and a flurry of barbeques, beach parties and picnics. Being somewhat of a grill master, my favorite part of summer is spending time outside and flaunting my grill skills. My wife enjoys it too—she says she loves my cooking, but I know she is at least as excited about getting me out of the house and out of her hair. Truth be told, my role as master griller saves me from having to chitchat with the in-laws who seem to find ample time for summer visits. So, everybody wins.

And winning, dear readers, is what it is all about: winning business and winning customers. I find that summer time is the ideal time to inject a little fun into your promotional marketing campaign. While folios and computer accessories are handy, they aren’t what you would call light-hearted gifts and when your target audience is focused on fun in the sun, you should be too. Kick off the start of the season by giving gifts that your customers will want to take out of the office and into their after work life. Fun, summery gifts like Flying Disks or Beachy Beach Balls, imprinted with your company logo, send the right message at the right time. By remembering that your clients are looking forward to summer as much as you are, you will be in their minds when they are working…and playing. And in the marketing business, being remembered is the name of the game.
I’ve got to get outside, the grill awaits! Until next time, remember, “If you are aren’t in their minds, you’re out.”