Custom Imprinted Back to School Gear

Back to school is a huge selling season, and with the right tools it can be the perfect season for cheap and effective marketing. Students of all ages are returning to school, and they need school supplies. With imprinted promotional items, you’ll have lasting brand awareness. To take advantage of this incredible opportunity, visit rushIMPRINT, where numerous promotional items are offered specifically for this purpose.

Great back-to-school lunch caddies!

Parents won’t want to miss out on free supplies for their students, and you shouldn’t miss this incredible opportunity for a free and effective marketing campaign. At rushIMPRINT, you can find just about everything students need. For maximum product placement, try consulting a checklist of items parents are on the lookout for. A good checklist can be found here. On rushIMPRINT you can find most of these items, including promotional backpacks, imprinted notebooks, lunch caddies, Ipad sleeves & promo pens.

These products will be seen in every aspect of the school day. Your logo will be seen on backpacks in the hall, and many students even use them as their travel bags. They’ll be on lunch trays every day in the cafeteria, where they’ll be the envy of the students stuck eating cafeteria food. They’re even on iPads, and on the pens and notebooks used daily in virtually every class. All of this means the mosts exposure for you and your business, with little to no effort or expenditure on your part. These products will help to generate revenue and foster lasting brand awareness.

These Back to School Promos get an A+! With their help, your marketing will, too, so don’t miss out on this opportunity for enormous exposure!

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