Custom Printed Coasters

custom coastersWhat do you use your custom coasters for? These versatile little items are made to protect your tables from scratches, stains and watermarks. Because many of us are gracious hosts, one of the first things we do when we have company over is to offer them a drink. Having coasters on which your guests can set those drinks will help prevent water spots and rings from being left on expensive furniture. They have other uses as well. They can be placed them under bottles in the refrigerator or in cupboards to prevent the sticky mess from oil, ketchup, and other similar condiments. Put a couple under flower pots or candy dishes to prevent spills. Use them for design purposes and add a splash of color to a room! Since they’re small, they take up very little space.

Promotional coasters are a convenient giveaway for almost any business or event. They’re small, but useful and durable, and few people ever have enough of them. They come in a variety of styles and designs, and although the major material is cardboard, you can also find them in more expensive materials such as bamboo and rosewood. They can be round or square, depending on your personal preference.

Sports bars and restaurants are particularly good examples of places where these coasters can be used to good advantage. Customers often even pick them up when the evening is over and take them along when a particular design catches their eye.

Imprinted coasters can be as simple as the custom printed round, square or football cardboard coasters with a large 4” x 4” imprint area for your logo. They can be novel, such as the mini mouse pad coaster, with its non-slip rubber foam base, which is perfect for your direct mail campaigns as well as a souvenir for events or conventions. Or they can be as classy as the Rosewood coaster set with its classic design and holder.

Any of these printed coasters will help get your business or event noticed and remembered.

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