Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

eco-friendly promotional productsBeing environmentally-aware has become an extremely important part of life today. Phrases like “the greenhouse effect” have become a common part of our language; recycling a part of everyday life. We consider the ingredients in items we use every day to be certain that they won’t harm us or the environment.

Using eco friendly promo items in your advertising campaign marks you as a company that is conscious of these concerns and wants to help protect our planet. Environmentally-friendly promotional products will go a long way in helping to build a positive public image for your company or event.

These items come in all types and price ranges. Help save our resources and protect the environment with useful products. Our best-selling totes and shopping bags can be reused many times, which helps to reduce the amount of paper and plastics sent to landfills. Eco friendly giveaways at conventions, tradeshows and seminars can take the form of inexpensive products like journals made of recycled materials, or eco-friendly pens with a barrel made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper, with natural wooden clip and 98% post-consumer recycled plastic accents. Your customers will appreciate the gift of something they will get a lot of use out of, and your logo prominently displayed will guarantee you repeat exposure. At the inexpensive initial cost, you can afford to distribute large numbers of these eco-friendly promo items and still protect the environment.>

Are you interested in promotional products as gifts for valued customers or employees? Solar powered products of any type are a hot item, and will serve well as gifts for almost anyone. Solar chargers and solar flashlight are both good examples of environmentally friendly promotional products. How about a water-powered clock, or a water-powered calculator with your logo as a novelty gift that your customers will enjoy and have fun showing off?

Let your advertising gift choices help build your image as a company that truly cares about protecting our environment.

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