Fitness Bottle 5892 Poly-Clear 20 oz

Fitness is a big concern of most people today. We purchase gym memberships, we jog, we watch our diet. Bicycle riding has regained interest, and so has walking. Sports have renewed appeal, and we find ourselves interested in outdoor activities.
Taking part in all of these activities keeps us looking at ways to stay hydrated, and almost everywhere you see people walking around with bottles of cold, clear water. This brings about the need for safe, convenient containers for our drinks, and the Poly-Clear 20 oz Fitness Bottle is the perfect example of a water bottle that is convenient to use and holds a good volume at the same time. This bottle is BPA free, something of great concern to all of those concerned with health and fitness.
It is also Proposition 65 compliant, which means that it helps to protect citizens from chemicals that are known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm; it also contains no lead. It is made in the USA, helping to retain American jobs and protect our economy. When you select one of these bottles to promote your company, you are making the statement that you care about our economy, our health and wellness, and our environment. Building an image as a caring, innovative business is always helpful and important to a company.
These bottles come in a variety of colors, both solid and two color, to easily match your company colors. They sport a 3” X 2.5” imprint area for your logo. Select the color scheme that really shows off your logo.
Let all of the walkers, joggers and other fitness enthusiasts do your advertising for you. What better promotion for your company can you think of than a fit, healthy young or old person walking about town carrying a Poly-Clear 20 oz Fitness Bottle, sporting your logo prominently displayed? Every charity walk and run, every sporting event, every school outing provide the perfect opportunity to put your information in front of the public! Don’t miss the chance.

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