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The Audience Is Listening

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru I love watching films, but I hate going to the movies. As a card carrying curmudgeon, sitting in a movie theatre with people who think nothing of talking, coughing and crunching their way through 120 minutes of cinema is, at best, difficult and, at worst, intolerable. At a 2pm screening of… Read more »

Goal Oriented

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Every year around this time I start thinking about resolutions—making them, breaking them and forsaking them. I often threaten to forgo making New Year’s resolutions altogether because they are so dang difficult to keep. But every year I cannot resist the urge to better myself and I make at least one… Read more »


Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Cold and flu season is upon us and, if you haven’t gotten your yearly flu shot, you are probably nervous about shaking of another kind. The chills, sore throat and fever that accompany most winter illnesses are no fun but you can find some comfort in the fact that most last… Read more »

Dim Sum and Then Sum

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Ever since our little adventure to the Vietnamese restaurant last month, Mrs. Winston and I have decided to broaden our culinary horizons and try new things. So on Sunday, we packed up the kids and headed out for dim sum. Dim sum is the name for a Chinese cuisine that consists… Read more »

Bah! – December 21st is Humbug Day!

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Unless you have the patience of a kindergarten teacher, the saintliness of Mother Theresa and the bank account of Oprah Winfrey, you are probably feeling the pressure that often accompanies the Christmas season. The realization that December 25th is just around the corner and that there are still stockings to be… Read more »

Hurray for Hanukkah!

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru Hanukkah (Chanukah), also known as the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day Jewish holiday which is traditionally observed by the kindling of the lights of a special candelabrum, the Menorah, one light on each night of the holiday, progressing to eight on the final night. The lighting of the candles traditionally… Read more »

Blissful Thinking

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru As you may or may not know, National Chocolate Covered Anything Day is just around the corner—December 16th to be precise—and I, for one, am pleased as punch. After all, what better day to indulge, binge, pig out, and otherwise consume to excess, my favorite food….chocolate. And by chocolate, I do… Read more »

Home Spun

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru There’s no denying it, America’s economy is on shaky ground. You can’t pick up a newspaper, flip on the TV or tune into talk radio without getting a whiff of sour financial news. We’re hopeful, but our hope is tempered by news of proposed layoffs at GM and more bank bailouts…. Read more »

Top 10 Things I am Grateful For This Thanksgiving

Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru #10 I’ll start with the obvious. I am exceedingly grateful for my beautiful wife. I would say it goes without saying, but if I didn’t say it, I might end up being grateful we have a comfortable couch in the den. #9 Next up, my charming children—and while they are all… Read more »


Virgil Winston: Marketing Guru For the first time in recorded history, the Winston’s are going to celebrate Thanksgiving away from home. I was recently invited to take part in the official 2008 Lighting Ceremony of the Pilgrim Monument at the Provincetown Museum. It promises to be an exciting day and, as it is touted as… Read more »