Follow Up Rules and Importance!

Following up at a tradeshow is the ultimate way to paving the success of the show. You may have not made everycent that you were looking forward to making and maybe there was a smaller attendance than expected. Maybe one of your banners or employees didn’t show up. Or maybe the show was a blazing success and you would appreciate even more business to come from it. Well the point is, in any case, you should be following up with contacts made at a tradeshow, promising or not.
Plan ahead

Sit down and make sure that you have your list in order. Get your contacts, the little notes that you scribbled on the back of their cards that states who they are and what you talked about (an important thing to do at a tradeshow) and decide if you are going to phone or email them. Possibly you will do both but will do one before the other. Either way, get a plan of action in your hands that can set you up for success.

Immediacy is Key

The longer you wait to connect with a contact made at a show, the longer you risk losing a possible sale. Make sure that the people that you have connected with and that you have got all excited and jazzed about your products has a chance to actually buy what you are selling! The immediacy factor not only shows that you value their business and time, but also shows that you want their business in the first place and more importantly it displays how you do business.

Separate, move on and start over!

As you call, you may have ‘maybes’ and ‘absolutely not’ or even ‘call back when my manager is here’ all of these responses should get you dividing the calls into separate lists. Separate into Hot Leads, Call Backs, and NO. Change the types of lists to whatever you prefer to call them, but the moral of the lesson is: make sure that you are dividing and conquering your lists so that you are eventually getting smaller and smaller lists that you can later divide amongst your staff. Also, pay attention the important Hot Leads list and get the money that you are looking for. After you are done, go over it again until you have no one left to call….this may take some time :) .

No you say? Well instead…take….

When you get an “absolutely not” it is important to keep them connected and to stay professional at all times. Make sure that you extend yourself in some way–web cast, newsletter or email blasts–to show your appreciation for their time; something that will give their time or company value…free.

Unleash the Power of the Millennial

Millennials are some of the most important clients that you may not know about. Well, you may ask, if I don’t know them, how can I get to know them and more importantly, who are they?  Millennials are a demographic group of people in the world that are over 80 million strong ranging from 18-29 and is strongly influenced and empowered by technology. This large faction has strong political influence and unlimited purchasing power that could turn your company into a multi-million dollar establishment. The key here is to get Millennials into your booth and into your company’s success strategy.

Some of the keys to Millennials is knowing how to attract them and how to harness their power for your company.


Expect content on demand. That’s right, this group wants to watch and find what they want, when they want. With everything from Google to YouTube they have been able to get it. By making your information and product readily available and a large amount of transparency to your company, you will be able to provide it. You can achieve this by providing pre-tradeshow content anywhere from video to text that will inspire and draw their attention to you like a magnet.

Demand and expect free Wi-Fi. Another demand? Of course! This faction wants to be able to connect to their networks-Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, FourSquare, etc. anywhere they go. This is great for you being that you can be the funnel for their information at a show and likely get some worthy shout outs to their friends and contacts. If you want to get crazy, set up a digital camera and incorporate your Millennials into your show exhibits. Video is very big in this target market and a great way to go viral.

Use their online savvy to live and to shop. To really connect a Millennial to your product it would be wise to get all of your social media profiles figured out and set up before a show, this way they can single you out amongst many and easily reach you and buy your product. Also, it is important to know and incorporate this way of thinking into your company. You must market with social media tools for a simple, free and effective way to get through to millions.

Expect to be treated as an equal. Ageism is a fairly common experience with this age group. The thought of “you’re too young to know” or “but how much money could you really have” are the nails in many companies coffins. They have a wide array of influence on the world and on larger companies at many occasions. Wowing the youth can be wowing the world.

New Experiences. More than wanting cool things, Millennials want to do cool things. Create unique experiences on your tradeshow floor with interactive exhibits, live social media sharing areas, live Internet radio shows, unique healthy food cooking experiences, etc. Millennials are naturally curious and believe experiences are a way to invest their time.

Plan for Success: Outline Your Tradeshow Experience

Planning for a tradeshow as a company can be a large feat. You need to make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row and that you, your staff and your soon to be clients are set up for success in the before and after moments of the tradeshow. Making sure that you have all the elements of successful time marketing and promoting your company is a very simple and straightforward way of doing business….with yourself.

Establish Event Objectives

This is good for both you and your team to define what your goals are for the trip. This way there is a clear straightforward understanding of what you need to accomplish and you and your team can work together to make a set of rock-stars. Define your objectives that you would like to accomplish in order to have a successful show. Things like product sales, leads generated, image defined and publicity.

Define a Realistic Budget

Define not only what you are willing to spend on the show, but also what kind of return you would like to have from the show. This way you can break down each day in accordance to what you need to make, or even by the hour.

Sales Message: Reel them in!

As you have probably seen, there is the person sitting in their booth saying nothing waiting for you to come to them and ask what they are about. Don’t be this booth! Make sure that you have a clear message (one sentence or statement) that is boiled down to what you do as a company. Convey this with banners, photos posted, and promotional products and of course, your staff.

Marketing Plan

You don’t only market while you’re at the show; you are marketing before, during and after the show. Before the show, look for radio shows, TV stations, websites or even just plain posting of your company’s information will do fabulous. At the show, you need to be doing your marketing by engaging, talking to and providing information to all potential clients and customers. After the show, make sure to follow up with potential prospects!

Create a Show Stopping Exhibit

This is what makes people stop. Do you have fun music playing that makes people dance and smile? Do you have a game that people can interact with? Or maybe you have killer promotional products that cause a line to form at your booth. Whatever your WOW element is, you need to define it and put it into action.
Travel Arrangements

The last thing you need is staff that won’t able to show up because of negligent travel mistakes. Assure that you, your staff and all of your belongings are going to arrive with ample time to rest, prepare and set up for a successful show.

Post Mortem

You and your staff should meet and assure that you met your objectives set for the show. Also, this is a great platform to formulate new ideas and changes needed to make for successful future show.

Tradeshow Dos and Don’ts

For many companies, tradeshows are an incredibly important element that is a part of their marketing and trade. If you are one of the many companies that partake in the life of a tradeshow traveler and business maker, it is important to know what to and what not do when you are exhibiting your company face to face. Also, use the following to train personnel and representatives to assure that you have a consistent company image.

Tradeshow DOS
Tradeshow Reputation
Tradeshows are different according to the area, the type and the amount/type of people that you will be exposed to. Do your research and make sure that you will be in front of your perfect client, as tradeshows are a big expense.

Have a Killer Display

Well maybe not KILLER, but make sure that your booth is eyes catching, creative and fun. Nothing is worse than the person trying to sell their product sitting at a table with pamphlets and a chair. Get excited! Bust out your company colors, pictures, give them an idea of what your product would feel like to own.

Hand Outs to Read

Another important element is to give people a proper explanation of what you do. And if you are lucky, you will have a booth full of prospective clients. Make sure that you touch everyone by giving them an information sheet.
Promote your presence

Make sure people that you know and don’t know of you are aware of your presence at the show! Get people to come to the show specifically because of your advertising in advance. Get involved on your social media outlets and shout it from the rooftops!

Have a Giveaway Or Gimmick

Of course every booth has to give every client something that they can remember them by. Promotional items are incredibly important both in burning into your clients memories but also to give them something practical. A USB drive with your company name on it, a pen with your information, even a chip clip! The possibilities are endless. Check out the best promotional products on the market here:

Take Notes
You will have conversations with dozens of people during a trade show. Many of them will give you their name or a business card. Make sure you remember what you talked about and why you saved their card by jotting a note about what you talked about on the back of their business card or on a note pad while you’re at the show.

Train Booth Personnel
Choose your booth staff carefully and be sure they know how to deal with the public. Among the faux pas to avoid (all seen at recent trade shows), are booth personnel who:

  • Look unkempt and/or unwashed
  • Bad-mouth competitors
  • Talk to each other instead of to people passing by the booth
  • Sit at the back of the booth and wait to be approached

Follow up!
Have a plan in place for following up on leads as soon as you get home from the show. Don’t wait a month or two to get around to sending information to those who stopped by your booth. By then, the hot prospects are likely to have become good customers for one of your competitors.

Think Green For Promotional Items

These days everyone seems to be riding on the green train. Words like organic, sustainable, eco are beginning to be interwoven into the hearts, minds and mission statements of companies. As a company, it is important to show your dedication to the environment and your interest in keeping what you put into the world green. Now not all of us can always be green in everything that is business. But when it comes to buying promotional products for your company, thinking about the environment is not out of reach.

Sticking to environmental products can reduce your carbon footprint, or the amount of carbon that is emitted in order to keep your business running. It also can contribute to supporting sustainable materials, or renewable materials within the products that you are buying.

With rushIMPRINT, you can not only get the new swankiest and affordable promotional items for your company, but you can also make it eco friendly. Whether you are looking for a simple, yet practical reusable tote, or an elegant bamboo plant, you are destined to wow and last in your clients minds for a long time. Don’t forget to browse the entirety of the solar section featuring a variety of gadgets and gizmos that will not only last for a client much longer than the average promotional item but will bring a little bit of green to their lives too.

Save Cash and Still Be Remembered

When buying promotional products you are forced to look at your budget. In a shaky economy is is incredibly important to stay smart with your cash but also to keep your sales numbers high. What better way than to use promotional products that are practical and affordable? RushIMPRINT has an entire section dedicated to products under $1. The products include spiral notebooks, chip clip magnets, pencil sharpeners and an entire section of stress relievers, and of course, the edible candy section :)

When at a tradeshow or any other event, it is so important to have something to give the customer. You want them to go home and to have the name of your company physically on them. When giving away something practical, the item will be burned into their memories. Grab their attention and get them to visit your site, or call your info number or even better, to recommend you in conversation. The point is to get yourself out there!

In an economy where fluctuations are certain, it is important to keep a connection with your potential customers and clients. What better passive way to be available to them than to make available practical, fun products for them, that won’t break your bank account.

Playing the Tradeshow Giveaway Game

When you leave a tradeshow you always leave with more than you came with. You will have a bag of goodies with promotional gifts handed to you by companies and organizations looking to do business with you. If your company or organization is going to spend time and money participating in tradeshows, you will want to do everything you can to stand out to your prospective customers. Since everyone enjoys receiving a free gift, craft a tradeshow giveaway and give your customers something to remember you by. Here are a few ideas below to help you master tradeshow giveaways:

Define your audience: Consider having different gifts for different audiences. You want to make sure to cater to your audience, give them something of value not something they’ll throw away when they get home.

Set Goals: Tradeshow promotional items are meant to increase recognition of your brand, product, and/or service. What do you expect to get from giving away promotional gifts? It is never a bad idea to jot down goals, especially when there is money being invested.

Find the Right Item: Finding the right item means finding an effective gift, not for you, but for consumers. Whatever you choose, you want to make sure to convey a certain message, feeling, thought, or idea that represents your company or organization. What do you want to convey to your current and prospective clients and what item will communicate that the best? When picking your promotional items, remember that gifts should always have a sales incentive, so it is best to think about how the item will generate business for you.

Make it Short and Sweet: We encourage you to add your message to any promotional gift you giveaway. However, make it short and sweet by giving them enough information to catch their attention but not too much to create an anxious feeling of information overload. We suggest you imprint your gifts with name, number and logo.

Set A Price: Remember that the larger the quantity, the lower the individual unit price. If you want to stand out from your competition, giveaway a couple of larger items like handy tool sets or picnic accessories. These promo items have higher ticket prices so you might want to collect business cards and draw just a couple of names to receive these gifts. Maybe you can give a few other people a free hour couching or consulting session. Let them experience your promo items but also your services so they can start building a relationship with you.

Establish Rewards: How will you give away your gifts? Perhaps you hand out items as a token of your appreciation for stopping by your booth? Another great way to get customers attention is to play a game and have the promotional gift be the reward. Games are also a great way for people to remember you at a tradeshow. Remember, they are stopping by several booths; you need to stand out and make them have some fun while they’re there!

These are just the first few steps to get you on the right path of a successful tradeshow giveaway. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

Can I Borrow Your Pen?

The key reason to invest in promotional gifts is to bring awareness to your product and/or services. One of the best ways to receive brand recognition is to distribute promotional products such as pens, hats, key tags, and stress balls. However, one of the simplest yet effective marketing tools is through handing out promotional pens which display your information. Not only are pens used on a daily basis but they display your company information to existing and prospective customers in a very subtle yet powerful way.

Promotional pens are great resources to help take your business to the next level. Imprinted with names, numbers, slogans, messages, and website URL, promotional pens have the ability to keep the attention of existing customers and invite new ones which is a great way to generate business.  On social media sites like Twitter or Facebook? Add your Twitter handles and Facebook URL’s to the pens too. Remember, a large part of your consumers might be online, connect with them on their level.

Think about it, when you give away promotional pens to existing clients, they will probably lend or leave behind a pen somewhere, somehow. How often do you find pens laying around that you have no idea where or how you got them? Pens seem to grow feet, which is bad for you when you need one but great for your business when it is picked up by someone new.

If you are looking for more business and want to generate business in a quick and affordable way, we encourage you to invest in promotional pens. Never underestimate the power of a pen!

Going That Extra Mile

When doing business with others it is important to say thank you, even in a tough economy. No matter what business you run, it has been a long existing tradition to thank your customers and show appreciation. Thanking them is not only good for sustaining relationships but also to keep your name in the forefront. In an economic slump, many businesses may choose to cut corporate gifts out of the budget when in all actuality, promotional gifts may still be the best marketing strategy to uphold and generate business.

With our services, you can tailor your corporate gifts to reflect certain aspects or services at a great low price. Get creative with what your gifts are able to communicate. If your business is technology oriented, invest in customized USB flash drives. Or if you are a number oriented business such as a CPA or Financial Planner, customized calculators and pencils are wonderful gifts to spoil your customers with.

The most important thing to remember when investing in corporate gifts is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to make a positive impact. At rushIMPRINT we offer a range of great gifts at very affordable prices.

Tradeshow Gifts: The Practical Way

Every business and organization is constantly seeking out new ways to boost their reputation and brand awareness. One great and affordable way to do so is to invest in quick and practical tradeshow promotional gifts. Here are a few effective ways to increase brand recognition at tradeshows that will not break the bank.

Promotional pens are one of the best marketing tools and are one of the most popular items found at tradeshows. They are very affordable and extremely handy (no pun intended). Everyone uses pens; everyone also passes along pens, so when you invest in personalized pens you’re exposing your brand to so hundreds and sometimes thousands of people.

Another great item that can increase your brand recognition is a personalized tote bag imprinted with your company logo and company colors. Think about it, when people attend tradeshows they are given so many items with only two hands and would benefit greatly having somewhere to put everything. Not to mention your competitors horror when they see your companies tote holding their items. It’s a walking advertisement and makes the consumers’ life easier!

A keychain is a fun way to get creative. Key chains are a great way to ensure recognition even after the event. You can customize them with information, logos, colors and even shapes. The possibilities are endless no matter what you choose.

Your goal should be to show your marketing message everywhere and however you do that is up to you but try to be creative and think practical! Make your next tradeshow successful by handing out as many promotional gifts and practical items as possible!