Water. Here’s a Tip: Take a Sip!

Water Is Life

Did you know that more than 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water? That’s approximately 326 million trillion gallons of water, covering the surface of the planet and helping to power Earth’s complex and diverse natural life. A human body is composed of anywhere from 60% to 70% of water, as well. Without water, we’d be nothing but tiny balls of dust rolling across the face of a huge, dead boulder.

You don’t have to look for evidence of water’s importance, both to the planet as a whole and to our individual health. Regions with draught are prone to famine, wildfires, poor crop yields, and a host of other environmental calamities. The simple absence of Earth’s most important resource can fundamentally destroy a previously healthy region. The effect on a human body is exactly the same. It would probably be awful, but if you needed to, you could survive for up to three weeks without food. Only three days without water, though, is fatal to human beings.

Increase Hydration and Brand Awareness

It’s clear that water is the fuel that powers the engine of life. That’s why it’s so important to stay hydrated at all times. Whether you’re doing heavy lifting in a warehouse, traveling around making sales calls, or sitting at your desk typing on a keyboard, getting enough water is the single most important thing you can do to enhance your overall health and productivity.

That’s why we’re so proud to offer industry-leading prices on custom water bottles. Whether you’re trying to outfit your employees, keep everyone hydrated during an employee appreciation barbecue, or looking for the perfect promotional product to get customers excited during the summer months, these water bottles are the perfect mix of fun, form, and function.

Giving your employees a branded water bottle is a great way to make sure they’re operating at peak performance. It helps them stay hydrated all day long and removes the need for frequent trips to grab something to drink. It improves workplace productivity and removes a potential inefficiency.

Custom Water Bottles Work

Now that summer is here, people love to be outside. Maybe you’re planning an employee appreciation barbecue. It’s a great way to improve morale and give your employees a little time to enjoy a summer day. Giving away our branded water bottles make the perfect addition. It gives them an easy way to fight off thirst in the summer sun and, when they take it home, makes a useful everyday item for their families.

Probably the best use of our custom branded water battles, though, is as a promotional item. Giving your customers a timely, useful promotional product is one of the most effective possible ways to market yourself. Summers are about bike rides, picnics, beach trips, and enjoying the outdoors. A water bottle is perfect for all of those activities. Best of all, they’ll see your logo every time they use it, which means your brand will be on their minds all summer long.

With a variety of colors available, we have the perfect water bottle for whatever you need. Contact us today to place an order and take advantage of this opportunity to get the perfect promotional item at an unbeatable cost.