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Select from our vast variety of custom food and beverage products for a choice of sweet and savory pleasures. Go from customized chocolates and snack bags through gift baskets and baked items which make great gifts on every occasion.

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Sweet Treats Personalized with your Logo

Nothing gets the ol’ sweet tooth aching quite like saccharine thoughts of scrumptious cookies and candies dancing through your head. Sometimes, the sound of a crumbly cookie-crunch is enough to bring out the inner Pavlov’s Dog in any sweets-lover.


Just visualizing sinking your teeth into a flaky pastry is enough to get the drool flowing. And who could blame you? With all the technology at our disposal, engineering the perfect, most palatable dessert has never been more efficient. Don’t get me wrong, grandma’s home-baked apple pie will always hold the top spot in my heart, but when Nabisco is cranking out such wild innovations as the cookie dough stuffed cookie, it’s hard not to take notice.


Well, at Rush Imprint, we have some good news: (or bad news, depending on whether or not you’re on a diet.) We’re able to make these delicious treats just a little better by adding a touch of customizability. Can’t decide if you want a custom cookie or a slice of delicious devil’s food cake? Why not imprint the image of one onto the other to satisfy all facets of your sweet lust?

Think we’ve only got cakes and cookies?

Please. We’ve got zounds of different confectionary pleasures from which to choose, all of which are completely customizable. Want some custom chocolate? That was a rhetorical question, of course you do, and don’t worry, we’ve got those in stock. If you’re after a more savory or salty treat, rushIMPRINT also carries a variety of nuts as well as sunflower seeds. Unfortunately, you can’t have each individual nut imprinted, but their containers certainly can be. Additionally, if you’re feeling extra generous, try one of our gift baskets and surprise your friends, family or coworkers with a personalized, imprinted token of your gratitude.

Indulge yourself today and order online or call one of our customer support specialists at 1-866-277-7874.