Custom Long Sleeve Shirts

Custom dress shirts with your logo contribute to a cohesive and professional brand identity. At rushIMPRINT, we offer a variety of custom long sleeve shirts in several different styles, including dress shirts, denim shirts, and flannel. Custom long sleeves can help your team stand out and create a consistent image. Order custom long sleeves with low minimums today.

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Self-Promotion Wherever You Go

Whenever you head out with one of your personalized dress shirts, you’ll more or less be a walking billboard that promotes your brand wherever you go. A well-designed dress shirt enhances the overall first impression your team makes and is a subtle and effective way to promote your business wherever they go.

A Unified Team

When you and your team show up to a trade show or business event of any kind, it’s important to make a good impression. When your representatives arrive in custom long sleeve shirts with your company logo, your team will appear unified and highly professional. For more casual events, you can also gift your team custom flannels or custom denim shirts with your logo as well.


Company Uniforms

Design a combination of custom men's dress shirts and custom women's dress shirts to create a unified company look at your place of business. We offer dozens of different styles, each with their own unique looks and color schemes. Plus, before you place your order, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose specific sizes for each order of shirts, allowing you to better cater to your employees.

Online Orders with rushIMPRINT

We understand that it can be nerve-wracking to place a large order of custom dress shirts without being able to try them on first. That’s why we design mockups of your order before we begin the imprinting process. As a part of our free design services, we can help you design a logo show you how it will look as a finished product. Contact our team to learn more.