When you decide what promotional gift to choose, one of the main factors to influence your decision is how frequently your gift will be used. And will it be used at all. So, my task for today was to pick something that would be used and seen very often by a hi-tech professional who is spending all of his time on the go.

This means that the perfect promotional gift for an office-worker – a mug with a logo on it – just would not work, since he would never be around long enough to see it. The same applies to anything that would stay on his desk or to most computer accessories which in other cases might be fine for hi-tech people.

So, what would he always take with him? The keys? I forgot to tell you that my client was giving these to some pretty high priority clients of his own, so things like key tags were not for this case. The idea was to impress with the gift.

Lexar USB JumpDrive Secure 128MB

This is how it played out: when it comes to people whose work is somehow connected with computers or information, there is always a need to carry data around. CDs are big and unreliable and when it comes to flash drives, there are always situations when you run out of space on them. Solution: take an extra USB memory stick with you. Something small but still reliable. No, really, it’s a gift I myself would enjoy. I even added it to my own wishlist. So, after reviewing several memory gadgets we have in the catalog at rushIMPRINT we finally decided on the JumpDrive Secure. Not only does it standout, but also secures the data.